The World of Kinin

The Book of Boccob
In search of the Divine Word

Following the dreams the party got on rest, they head south from Dhag Boldor in search of what the gods have in store for them.

Along the way they meet a shady group of mercenary adventurers who recommend a camp site. This camp site is attacked by two Manticores. The party are victorious.

the party come to Wolfpine, there they learn that recently a paladin went missing looking for an ancient tome that contains the true and accurate transcription between a cleric of Boccob and an avatar of the god. It contains much wisdom and the direct words as spoken by the divine.

As part of this the party met Ludmilla, a companion of the Paladin. She has joined them on their quest.

The party went in search of it and found stone giants.

Downtime in Dhag Bolodr

The party, having successfully escaped the Underdark, spend a month resting and recuperating in the Dwarven Sky Market of Dhag Boldor.

Fenniros must atone for angering the God Set and then performs magical research.
Lightpeak turns to his trade of the manufacturing of magical Items.
Stone Disciple engages the services of a Dwarven Blacksmith to teach him how to repair himself.
Jondahl retreats to the woods to commune with nature and his ancestors. He devotes some treasures to them and they bless his bow.
Lottie spends time researching and relaxing, strengthening her powers in the service of Mystra

During their rest. Lottie and Lightpeak started receiving visions.

During the last couple of weeks of your stay in The Sky Market of Dhag Boldor, you have had a dream. More than once, but not every night.
The first time it was of a book, plain and brown with illegible golden glowing text. Text that bestows great knowledge. Nearby masked figures with knives.
Recently this dream has ended with a bloody knife, curved and deliberately jagged. You see a knight felled and the book aflame. The dream has always ended with a view of a city, perched on a steep hill, terraced up the hill in sandstone and timber buildings.

Against the Cult of the Reptile God (My Version)
Dark Temples in the Underdark.

This module was one of my own making using the title of the published module and that is all.

IN the Underdark the party meet Greta, a Deep Gnome Witch. She tells the party she can get them home if the party retrieve her stolen staff from a nearby Troglodyte Temple where it was taken to honour their god.

Anxious to find their way home out of the caverns below, they agree.

Soon the party find the Troglodyte temple and nearby village, on the shore of a massive underground lake. Stealthily they approach and then attack, the temple guards. Sneaking in they find a massive ancient temple dedicated to Set, the Evil god of Serpents and Deception. At the head of the main temple they find a female Yuan-ti pure blood cleric and her half blood guards.

They quickly defeat them and learn that there is much more to this temple. Searching nearby the party find a mirror in the cleric’s quarters. The reflections of themselves wave to them, without the player waving at it.

Keen to see what this means, Lightpeak follows the urging of his reflection and places his hand on the glass. He is instantly turned to stone.

Hiding Lightpeak away, the party continue to search the vast temple. Along the way they meet some prisoners, a Drow named Welverin DeVir and an Argonian named Okan-Maht Canidesh. These two assist the party and they find the main temple, there facing the “god” of the Troglodytes, a massive and powerful Yuan-ti Abomination Sorcerer with powerful mind control powers. At his side a Beholder Spectator. .

The powerful mind control of this “God Cleric” of Set quickly dominates half the party, forcing them to fight among themselves. However, they are able to use trickery and cunning to lure our the beast from his defensive position and defeat him.

Amongst his treasures are his powerful staff, his crown and his collection of books, one of which describes magic artefacts, including the mirror that has captured Lightpeak.

The party return to Greta who betrays them and leaves the party behind.

Welverin is able to guide the party out, as he wants to also leave the underdark, he leads them to Dhag Boldor and the party escape.

Sometimes Surviving is Winning

The party investigate some duergar slavers.

They are captured and delviered to a duergar slave city.

they escape, they lose Meepo in the process

This module was a highly modified version of “The Gates of Firestorm Peak” Using the map and the base duergar setting, removing all the Other plane influences.

The party find the Vast Gate, the remnants of a portal created by the Elder Elves. They find the gate is destroyed, now the remnants of a Red Dragon Dracolich lies in a pool of lava. The party meet Veltargo and his party. This time they are victorious in defeating him.

The party are given boons by the elder elf trapped in the guiding crystal. The party free her.

From there they enter the underdark.


  • Hypno toads
  • Deep Spawn
  • Goblins
Finally they meet Greta, a deep gnome witch and enter the Temple of the Reptile gods. (not the published module. See next entry)
Into the Forest of the Vermin Lord
Or is it something stranger?

Having reached the town of Greystones, the party rested and sought their next adventure. Finding a posted sign with a series of adventures to be found.

One called for help with a matter of Druidic impoortance. As Jondahl is a druid the party accepted and off they went. They ventured to a meeting place and there met with The Keeper. A druid that spoke of an ancient academy of druidic magic. This place was special as it brought together the three agencies of magic, Druids, Nature Clerics and Wizards interested in nature. There they would study and share information, building on the understanding of the world.

The Keeper stated that the area had been long abandoned and since lost after being attacked during the great Darkness, However recently it had been discovered, conquered and perverted by the actions of a Verminlord Druid.

The Keeper stated that due to his power and the control of the Verminlord, The Keeper could not enter, so he sent the party in his stead.

Tree porting the party in, they discovered a rich and abundant garden long overgrown and now twisted with corrupting forces.

Nearby the party faced a mad halfling in a tower. This insane creature abused and attacked the party, including throwing a Figurine of Wondrous Power at them, a Bronze Boar.

From there they encountered a corrupted and twisted forms of Shockerlizards living with a Shambling Mount, it too covered in barbed tentacles. The party began to suspect that they were dealing with not a Druid, but something that was more related to Aberrations.

Among the lair of the shambling mound, the party found some great treasures hidden in the detritus beneath the beast.

  • A +2 Suit of Studded Leather of Thorns. This suit has thorny quills that cover it that do 1D4 points of damage to any person who grapples the wearer. WIth a successful grapple check the wearer can do 1D4 adding their STR mod damage in a grapple. The suit was green and the leather cut to look like dozens of oak leaves.
  • A scimitar +1 of the woodland Stride. Given as gifts to young druids and rangers, these scimitars are adorned with a green emerald pommel, carved to resemble an acorn, with the setting being that of an acorn cap. When worn or wielded they grant the wearer the ability to Woodland Stride as per the Ranger or Druid ability.
  • A Dwarven made Short Sword +1 of Navigation. The wearer can hold the sword, and turning in circles will always know which way is north.
  • An Elven made Headband of Wisdom +2

Moving on the party faced Assasin Vines and finally discovered a Druidic Circle in the area that was protected from the corruption without. INside they found a Curly WIllow tree that held a Dryad. She offered them sanctuary in their journey as she was able to keep the circle safe.

Beyond the circle the party found a clay golem. Using the garb of the druid armour and weapon, they were able to convince the automaton they were friendly and it ignored them.

Beyond that, they were attacked by Illithistirges. The corrupt aberration of Illithids and Stirges.

The session ends with that battle.

Next the party fought

Not so welcome Homecoming.

Arrival in Spire City.
The only stable portal to Kinin known to Darwin led them to the City of Spires. There the party learned that much had changed since Fenniros and Lotte had left. But strangely, no time had passed. They were back on the day they left. However a conflict had arisen between the Church of Pallum and the Wizards of Arcana. Wizards refusing to take the test of the Tower of Wizardry, also known as Apostate Mages, had risen up, and now the church had engaged in a crusade to bring them to heel. The War of the Apostates had begun. And Lotte and Fenniros were embroiled in it.

Crucifixion and Control
Lotte’s father, Magnus of the School of Invocation and Wizard Master of the Arcane Tower of the Rod, had informed her that she would be joining the Order of the Rod and serving the Knights of the Arcane Tower. Furthermore her mother was missing, her order of the Mystic Fire had been mostly absorbed into the Knights of the Arcane Tower and that her charge Fenniros was to be tested and if he passed, be permanently branded as a member of the Three Colour Orders.

With the Necromancer’s door still open, they party took some time to go seal that, and returned as quickly as possible so as to go about rescuing their companion.

From Great Cage to a Plane of Cages.

As the bizarre nature of Sigil enveloped our intrepid party, they were trapped by some enterprising rogues, who thought that this group of clueless would be an easy mark. They were wrong. From this battle, the party gained a special weapon, a Baatorian Green Steel Scimitar. A weapon capable of wounding any outsider.
Beaten and battered the party found their way to the SquareRound Pub, or the RoundSquare Pub depending on who you ask. The Tavern and Inn has one half all square angles, the other all circles and round.
The next day they were met by Darwin, a Gatecrasher Dwarf from Sigil. He had been tasked with sealing the portal that the party had unwittingly opened.
The party learned that they had earned the ire of the Lady of Pain, and that was a very bad thing. They were to accompany Darwin to the outer planes, gather a Rod of Incarceration and use it to permanently seal the portal at the other end. If they did not, the Negative Material Plane would leak out into the Prime Material Plane and end the Multiverse. They agreed.

Darwin had a travelling companion in the form of Brother Lightpeak, an Illumin traveller seeking purpose to guide him to divine ascension. Together the party travelled to the Outlands, to the town of Curst, before slipping into Carceri. Once in Carceri the travelled across hostile territory, fighting Quasits and other demons. Eventually facing a chain demon and entering a prison for deceivers . Within the prison the party found the demonic master and warden, a Pain Demon, with a Bronze Golem. After a pitch battle, the party finally slew the beast. From its hoard they found a Rod of Incarceration, treasure and magic equipment.
Treasure in hand, they backtracked to Sigil. From there they travelled back to Kinin.

The Necromancer’s Gate.

Atop the Witch’s Tower Lay the Necromancer’s Gate.

Upon reaching the top of the tower, the party were greeted by fresh dead corpses. There they also met foul traps. One trap claimed the life of Mercer, the HalfGnome Thief. Saddened by the loss the party moved on to see what was going on. Atop the tower they found dark clerics guarding the inner sanctum.
Within the Sanctum, a strange contraption, massive bronze gears without spokes. They appeared to be holding a portal. This portal, was surrounded by a field of glowing magic. This magic flowed from four large and bizarre orreries, into the desiccated corpses of four witches, trapped in the rigour of death, frozen in agony, holding the shield in place. One such witch held a staff. Near her, was a familiar villain. The cleric from the Tomb of Blood, Veltargo was present. He engaged in combat with the party, but was not willing to hang around.
He grabbed the staff from the master witch and using a word of recall vanished, taking the staff. The energy holding back the portal exploded out, and with it the portal energies consumed the party.

Pain, a whirling sensation and an endless darkness. Unconsciousness.

Eventually the party awoke. They found themselves in a very small room; barely enough space for them all, and not tall enough for some. Most disturbingly, the room had no doors or entrances. No manner of ingress or egress.
A quick look around showed that the walls were of different materials. Picking the weakest the party started to bash their way down.
No sooner had they created an opening than it was filled with a large eye, a heavily accented voice spoke out and demanded to know what was going on. The odd creature before them was cube shaped an appeared to be made of brass and copper. This Modron resented the invasion of his bedroom. Soon the party found themselves out on a most peculiar street.
The party were now in Sigil, the city of doors and the accepted center of the Multiverse by anyone who isn’t a God or a Signer of One.

Beyond the forest and the Witch's Tower

After defeating the black dragon and freeing the white, the party returned to Denstone to rest and recuperate. During their rest they learned of the many dangerous and interesting places around the area. Including the ancient Witch’s Tower.
As the story is told, long ago a coven of witches built the tower to practice their dark arts. One night there was an explosion in the forest, and ever since the tower and the forest around it has been haunted.
Our brave adventurers set out to tackle this dark puzzle. Moving through the forest they discovered an orcish war band, preparing to attack any they could find. Preparing their own ambush, the party lured them out of their camp and slew the raiders. Investigating the camp the party discovered a trapped pixie. The pixie agreed to help them, and led them away.
Awaking some time later, the party had no memory of what happened next. Only that they were in a pleasant glade, with food and the gift of silver daggers and a magic wand.
Continuing on the party discovered the tower in a seemingly natural bowl among the hills. At the centre of the bowl a mist gathered around a small crag, out of which grew the tower. Atop its structure, a pale blue arcane fire burned.
The mist proved to be spider web, there a druid, an Ettercap verminlord dwelled with its arachnid minions. Defeating them with fire. They continued in.


Atop the gates to the courtyard sat two large gargoyles. Seeing the party they attacked. However one was defeated easily, the other sought to carry off Mercer and drop him on the spiked wall. Only his nimble nature saving him. Eventually the second gargoyle was driven off, seeing the party were too strong to defeat.
Beyond the courtyard, dark and damaged, the necromantic energies sapping all life from the area, the hall door was easily opened. Inside, carrion crawlers had made meals of all the previous adventurers who had tried to enter. They fought the party, but were also defeated.
Searching the area the party found undead and a mimic. They also found treasure and more puzzling information as to what was going on.
Beyond the ground floor, the party found the library and bedrooms of the original witches. Seeing the vast library, Fenniros dove in seeking knowledge. It was here that a haunting ghost attacked and started to suck out his soul. Many of the party were hurt by this dark beast. But the monk Stone Disciple recently acquired ghost touch gloves that allowed him to grab and hold the foul beast.
Retreating to rest, the party returned to the forest beyond the bowl , preparing to tackle the next part of this dark tower.

To be continued.

The Ballad of the Tomb of Blood Everflowing

The Tomb of Blood Everflowing

Twas dark and dangerous this tale
As warriors and clerics did fail.
But by stalwart heart and blade swung true
Did victory come to this burgeoning crew.

Blaggards come from under the ground
To steal dark tomes and spread disease around
Fateful times bring heroes near
Heroes to make the brave knave fear

Six there were, travellers new
To each other, they were all true
They scoured the city for lost clues
And within its belly they gained their news

To a blood filled tomb, to ancient gods
They went into darkness, where no angel trod
Through traps and trials, blood stained foes
While comrades fell to enemies blows

These brave heroes travelled deep
To face a villain in his keep
Dark gods summoned the walking dead
Our heroes faced them, overcoming dread

With allies lying, strewn across the floor
The survivors rallied and attacked once more
And now the blood gulch has been cleaned
The foul deeds moved away it seems


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