The World of Kinin

Beyond the forest and the Witch's Tower

After defeating the black dragon and freeing the white, the party returned to Denstone to rest and recuperate. During their rest they learned of the many dangerous and interesting places around the area. Including the ancient Witch’s Tower.
As the story is told, long ago a coven of witches built the tower to practice their dark arts. One night there was an explosion in the forest, and ever since the tower and the forest around it has been haunted.
Our brave adventurers set out to tackle this dark puzzle. Moving through the forest they discovered an orcish war band, preparing to attack any they could find. Preparing their own ambush, the party lured them out of their camp and slew the raiders. Investigating the camp the party discovered a trapped pixie. The pixie agreed to help them, and led them away.
Awaking some time later, the party had no memory of what happened next. Only that they were in a pleasant glade, with food and the gift of silver daggers and a magic wand.
Continuing on the party discovered the tower in a seemingly natural bowl among the hills. At the centre of the bowl a mist gathered around a small crag, out of which grew the tower. Atop its structure, a pale blue arcane fire burned.
The mist proved to be spider web, there a druid, an Ettercap verminlord dwelled with its arachnid minions. Defeating them with fire. They continued in.


Atop the gates to the courtyard sat two large gargoyles. Seeing the party they attacked. However one was defeated easily, the other sought to carry off Mercer and drop him on the spiked wall. Only his nimble nature saving him. Eventually the second gargoyle was driven off, seeing the party were too strong to defeat.
Beyond the courtyard, dark and damaged, the necromantic energies sapping all life from the area, the hall door was easily opened. Inside, carrion crawlers had made meals of all the previous adventurers who had tried to enter. They fought the party, but were also defeated.
Searching the area the party found undead and a mimic. They also found treasure and more puzzling information as to what was going on.
Beyond the ground floor, the party found the library and bedrooms of the original witches. Seeing the vast library, Fenniros dove in seeking knowledge. It was here that a haunting ghost attacked and started to suck out his soul. Many of the party were hurt by this dark beast. But the monk Stone Disciple recently acquired ghost touch gloves that allowed him to grab and hold the foul beast.
Retreating to rest, the party returned to the forest beyond the bowl , preparing to tackle the next part of this dark tower.

To be continued.



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