The World of Kinin

From Great Cage to a Plane of Cages.

As the bizarre nature of Sigil enveloped our intrepid party, they were trapped by some enterprising rogues, who thought that this group of clueless would be an easy mark. They were wrong. From this battle, the party gained a special weapon, a Baatorian Green Steel Scimitar. A weapon capable of wounding any outsider.
Beaten and battered the party found their way to the SquareRound Pub, or the RoundSquare Pub depending on who you ask. The Tavern and Inn has one half all square angles, the other all circles and round.
The next day they were met by Darwin, a Gatecrasher Dwarf from Sigil. He had been tasked with sealing the portal that the party had unwittingly opened.
The party learned that they had earned the ire of the Lady of Pain, and that was a very bad thing. They were to accompany Darwin to the outer planes, gather a Rod of Incarceration and use it to permanently seal the portal at the other end. If they did not, the Negative Material Plane would leak out into the Prime Material Plane and end the Multiverse. They agreed.

Darwin had a travelling companion in the form of Brother Lightpeak, an Illumin traveller seeking purpose to guide him to divine ascension. Together the party travelled to the Outlands, to the town of Curst, before slipping into Carceri. Once in Carceri the travelled across hostile territory, fighting Quasits and other demons. Eventually facing a chain demon and entering a prison for deceivers . Within the prison the party found the demonic master and warden, a Pain Demon, with a Bronze Golem. After a pitch battle, the party finally slew the beast. From its hoard they found a Rod of Incarceration, treasure and magic equipment.
Treasure in hand, they backtracked to Sigil. From there they travelled back to Kinin.



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