The World of Kinin

Into the Forest of the Vermin Lord

Or is it something stranger?

Having reached the town of Greystones, the party rested and sought their next adventure. Finding a posted sign with a series of adventures to be found.

One called for help with a matter of Druidic impoortance. As Jondahl is a druid the party accepted and off they went. They ventured to a meeting place and there met with The Keeper. A druid that spoke of an ancient academy of druidic magic. This place was special as it brought together the three agencies of magic, Druids, Nature Clerics and Wizards interested in nature. There they would study and share information, building on the understanding of the world.

The Keeper stated that the area had been long abandoned and since lost after being attacked during the great Darkness, However recently it had been discovered, conquered and perverted by the actions of a Verminlord Druid.

The Keeper stated that due to his power and the control of the Verminlord, The Keeper could not enter, so he sent the party in his stead.

Tree porting the party in, they discovered a rich and abundant garden long overgrown and now twisted with corrupting forces.

Nearby the party faced a mad halfling in a tower. This insane creature abused and attacked the party, including throwing a Figurine of Wondrous Power at them, a Bronze Boar.

From there they encountered a corrupted and twisted forms of Shockerlizards living with a Shambling Mount, it too covered in barbed tentacles. The party began to suspect that they were dealing with not a Druid, but something that was more related to Aberrations.

Among the lair of the shambling mound, the party found some great treasures hidden in the detritus beneath the beast.

  • A +2 Suit of Studded Leather of Thorns. This suit has thorny quills that cover it that do 1D4 points of damage to any person who grapples the wearer. WIth a successful grapple check the wearer can do 1D4 adding their STR mod damage in a grapple. The suit was green and the leather cut to look like dozens of oak leaves.
  • A scimitar +1 of the woodland Stride. Given as gifts to young druids and rangers, these scimitars are adorned with a green emerald pommel, carved to resemble an acorn, with the setting being that of an acorn cap. When worn or wielded they grant the wearer the ability to Woodland Stride as per the Ranger or Druid ability.
  • A Dwarven made Short Sword +1 of Navigation. The wearer can hold the sword, and turning in circles will always know which way is north.
  • An Elven made Headband of Wisdom +2

Moving on the party faced Assasin Vines and finally discovered a Druidic Circle in the area that was protected from the corruption without. INside they found a Curly WIllow tree that held a Dryad. She offered them sanctuary in their journey as she was able to keep the circle safe.

Beyond the circle the party found a clay golem. Using the garb of the druid armour and weapon, they were able to convince the automaton they were friendly and it ignored them.

Beyond that, they were attacked by Illithistirges. The corrupt aberration of Illithids and Stirges.

The session ends with that battle.

Next the party fought



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