The World of Kinin

Not so welcome Homecoming.

Arrival in Spire City.
The only stable portal to Kinin known to Darwin led them to the City of Spires. There the party learned that much had changed since Fenniros and Lotte had left. But strangely, no time had passed. They were back on the day they left. However a conflict had arisen between the Church of Pallum and the Wizards of Arcana. Wizards refusing to take the test of the Tower of Wizardry, also known as Apostate Mages, had risen up, and now the church had engaged in a crusade to bring them to heel. The War of the Apostates had begun. And Lotte and Fenniros were embroiled in it.

Crucifixion and Control
Lotte’s father, Magnus of the School of Invocation and Wizard Master of the Arcane Tower of the Rod, had informed her that she would be joining the Order of the Rod and serving the Knights of the Arcane Tower. Furthermore her mother was missing, her order of the Mystic Fire had been mostly absorbed into the Knights of the Arcane Tower and that her charge Fenniros was to be tested and if he passed, be permanently branded as a member of the Three Colour Orders.

With the Necromancer’s door still open, they party took some time to go seal that, and returned as quickly as possible so as to go about rescuing their companion.



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