The World of Kinin

The Ballad of the Tomb of Blood Everflowing

The Tomb of Blood Everflowing

Twas dark and dangerous this tale
As warriors and clerics did fail.
But by stalwart heart and blade swung true
Did victory come to this burgeoning crew.

Blaggards come from under the ground
To steal dark tomes and spread disease around
Fateful times bring heroes near
Heroes to make the brave knave fear

Six there were, travellers new
To each other, they were all true
They scoured the city for lost clues
And within its belly they gained their news

To a blood filled tomb, to ancient gods
They went into darkness, where no angel trod
Through traps and trials, blood stained foes
While comrades fell to enemies blows

These brave heroes travelled deep
To face a villain in his keep
Dark gods summoned the walking dead
Our heroes faced them, overcoming dread

With allies lying, strewn across the floor
The survivors rallied and attacked once more
And now the blood gulch has been cleaned
The foul deeds moved away it seems



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