Standing at just over 6’, this young human warrior woman would make for an imposing figure, her solid frame leaning casually on the enormous great sword she wields with ease, if not for the mischievous grin and friendly disposition with which she greets everyone. Long silvery hair frames her face, and violet eyes spark with amusement. Her tabard is high quality cloth and emblazoned with the symbol of Mystra.


Charlotte Hazelwood – Lottie to everyone except her father and her mage friend Fen – was born and raised in Arcana. A member of the Paladin Order, the Knights of Mystic Fire, she is a devout follower of Mystra. Part of her Paladin Oath includes defending mages that use their magic for good; as part of this she has been assigned by her Order to protect a young elven wizard, Fen. Though the two spend more time bickering than anything else, Lottie never hesitates to throw herself into the line of fire to protect her friend.

Charlotte “Lottie” Elizabeth Hazelwood met her unfortunate end at the hands of the now undead Vel Targo under the evil black stormclouds to the east, her soul dragged from her as she died and consumed, unable to be resurrected.


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