Half Orc Inquisitor


A tall slim warrioress in a red had and coat.
Proficient in longbow, sword, dagger and axe.


Born to an orcish mother and a human father, in Crescent Bay, she grew up in a loving family, which surprises many people.
As was the custom of her mother’s people she was turned out of the house at age 10, from there she wandered looking for a place to take her in. Eventually she found her way to the town of Clayton, after being turned away from many places she was accepted with open arms into the Church of Boccob. She was taught by the church to allow her to serve.
Her master, Knight Sir Tomewarden, has been kind to her and she serves him happily. A few weeks earlier he had sent her to deliver a message for him, and return to Wolfpine to wait for him to return. He should have returned many days ago.


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