Kobold Cleric of Bahamut


Meepothalix, or Meepo as he is commonly called, stands short, even for a Kobold. However he stands tall as he goes about discovering the powers of service to a leader who is not oppressive and rewards good deeds. Meepo is kind hearted for his race, a quality that made him seem weak in his culture. A quality that has been fostered and made him a student of a different way of life. Lottie


Raised in a Kobold clan that was led by the avaricious and cruel sorceress Yusdrayl, Meepo found himself wanting to be more. One day his traps had managed to capture a small white dragon hatchling, barely out of his shell and wounded by his clutch mates, as white dragon young are want to do.
Seeing this as an opportunity and a gift. Meepo turned to the draconic goddess Takhisis and said that if she would grant him the power to serve, he would worship this white dragon and rise to a position of rank in the clan, in her name.
It was at this time he became a cleric.
Unfortunately when the hatchling, now named Calcryx, was stolen by goblins, both Meepo’s power and station were stripped from him. Abandoned by those who he thought respected him, Meepo was lost.
It was then that adventurers found him, then his dragon and defeated the goblins, their bugbear masters and the black dragon Nightscale whom they all served. (see adventure logs)
Meepo was invited to come and come he did. IT was then that Lottie, a paladin of Mystra showed him the path to Bahamut.
Meepo now travels the world, trying to serve Bahamut