Merser Shadowstring

Half-Gnome Rogue and Apprentice Mischief Maker of Brandobaris


Merser Shadowstring is a Half-Gnome from Nagolix in Gnolin. His father was a Halfing adventurer and follower of Brandobaris. His mother a tinkerer.

He has been travelling south to Dawnwind for the Summer Solstice festival. There he will go on a personal quest given to him by the Mischief Maker (Priest) who trained him. His goal. To adventure until he has opened 101 closed doors. The exact rules are unclear, which is half the fun. Of course rumour has it he is already down to 98 and one of the doors was to a boudoir of a Gnomish lass.

He wears grey studded leather armour and wields a large stiletto like a rapier. Over his back is a cloak made from coarse string woven together. The strings are black, grey and white which creates a city camouflage effect. On his head is a rakish feathered cap. The too large feather has been snapped in half.

Follower of Brandobaris . As a follower of Brandobaris he is a worshipper in the Church of Mischief .

[[I got a tanglefoot bag. And mildly Stabbed | I got a tanglefoot bag. And mildly Stabbed]]

Merser “Totally not named after Matt Merser” Shadowstring



Merser Shadowstring

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