Zantin Mershant

Halfling Rogue


Born to a rich traveling “merchant” family, Zantin Mershant (Zan for short) grew up quite sheltered, his family travelled light and didn’t stay in each town for long. While in town, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the lavish inn’s unattended. He was home schooled and taught everything he knows from his parents during their quiet times or on the road. Zan always wondered what it was that his family sold for so much gold. Every time he asked what they traded, his father would tell him that his mother and father were procurers of goods, that their money came mostly from organising trades and investors they met during their “night trade” for their routes to connect back “home”.
The last Zan saw of his parents was the night before their “biggest deal” the one deal that could ensure their future, allow them to retire and finally go “home”. Zan was instructed to once again stay at the luxurious inn. His father had left him some tools so he could practice his tinkering, (because all good merchants need to know how locks work, right?), a light pack and a rather large stash of gold.
Days passed without either parent returning, eventually the gold ran out and he was kicked out onto the streets. His parents were his first thought, he would find their trade route and that would lead him to them. The only clue he had was the rough location of their last meeting. He would set off and find information the only way he knew how to, by being a merchant!

When concentrating or focusing with intensity, sometimes Zan can be heard repeating a couple verses from a prayer he learned in his travels.

To the god of jest I offer this now
Protect me from that which is foul
May the laughing god guide my hand
Lest we spend eternity with a haughty band

Give me strength to protect what is mine
So that I may live to taste the finest wine
I vowel to only take until my need is filled
Then some more from the well heeled

Shall my hands be deft and true
Striking your enemies through and through
I ask now for the blessing of your luck
So that I may grow fat, old and… fun

Zantin Mershant

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