The World of Kinin

Off on a new Adventure

well a lot has happened since i last wrote in this let’s see we fought a black dragon, he was a piece of cake really but a bit of a dick anyway from there we “saved” the white dragon called clacryx who is now free to kill like he will most likely do in about 100 years or so, anyway if that’s the case i’ll deal with him then, from there we dealt with all the kobolds and Charlotte decided to convert the one that was protecting calcryx, i have no idea why but for now i’m pretending to be his friend until he eventually slips up and starts worshiping evil once again and i can guarantee i wont let this evil creature off a second time, either that or someone else will do me the favor. so from there we got paid now i finally have enough to start buying my own book and take proper care unlike the library, they’ll let anyone in who shows the slightest bit of coin.

so we then ate a meal with parts from the golden apple and then we planted the seeds, suposedly they will grow into treants eventually but for now they’re 200 ft tall redwoods, they are rather marvelous to behold, i might actually start to write about that in more detail and try to sell some books about it, i think people would be very fortunate to hear my recollection of events.

from there we started to travel to a witches tower that’s a few days away from the town, we encountered some orc’s and we took them down but a blasted ogre tossed me 30 ft to the ground from the tree i was in, so much for Charlotte protecting me, i’m beginning to think i need a better body guard since this one keeps on getting knocked out.

so from there we went to the tower only to find that it had been corrupted by some foul creature called an ettercap which i remembered was quite vulnerable to fire, i guess all that book reading pays of huh Charlotte, i do hope that as she ages she becomes more mature, anyway back on topic, we defeated the … and all of it’s spidery minions and now we’re about to enter the town, i do hope there is some old tomes or some old magical artifacts, maybe even a sentient item that would be very informative.

oh we also met a warforged, who i named brother stone, since he didn’t have his own name, he’s a monk and quite a good guy, currently he’s one of my favorite people to chat to within the group, although then again he doesn’t have much competition

Jondahl's Journal

It is done. The humans have been rescued.

How we got here is twisted. The trade caravan I was with made it to the summer soltice market fare and I fell in with a group of novice adventurers. One of the little folk, a Simbasta, an Argonian and, eventually, a human and an elf. First we chased pickpockets, then we chased book-snatchers, and then we found ourselves under the cairnes investigating foul necromancies. It was a dark place and dark time – Argonian, Elf and Simbasta all fell to dark forces.

Those of us who remained were joined by two more, and shortly after returning the stolen book and uncovering a dark plot to subvert the course of nature through necromancy, got a job escorting a trade caravan in the opposite direction.

As a group we had differences of opinion with the caravan driver and were released from duty, only to be hired immediately by the mayor of the stopover town to rescue dozens of humans from local beastman raiders. This, at least, was something everyone in the group could agree on.

To be clear, I am currently travelling with:

  • Fenniros, an agile elven book-caster with a warm spot for fire
  • Lotti, a knight of sorts who champions freedom and knowledge
  • Mercer, one of the smallfolk who has quick fingers and flexible ethics
    *Branzel, a young human male fighting for a buck. Or is that the other way around?

We tracked the captured humans, who’s numbers made the task easy. We fought small numbers of beastmen along the way, and the anscestors watched over us. We learned they were bugbears and had goblin cohorts. We tracked them through one underground labrynth to another – a dwarven city – and met kobolds.

A deal was struck with the kobolds to return a stolen dragon. In return they would allow us passage and render minimal aid in defeating the goblins and bugbears. We have fought much and rescued the humans – once again I thank the anscestors for watching over us and adding their weight to ttip the scales in our favour – and have been hailed as heroes by the mayor and townsfolk.

The celebrations are welcome – it is a nice change to be seen as a hero rather than cowered from. The few other Rakasta I have seen in this part of the world do not seem to create their own personal space as much as I do, so while I quickly tire of the crowd and the noise, it is a change for the better.

There are still unanswered questions and promises to be fulfilled. More to the point, Fenniros feels honourbound to return the dragon to the kobolds. Lotti feels like we’ve done our job and freed the humans and are, in turn, free to go. Mercer has an unexplained hatred for the kobolds and wishes not to help them but would not mind seeing a few of them die before we leave this part of the world.

Myself? I think there is something bigger at play. From what I can tell It is natural for kobolds and goblins to fight over territory. It is natural for bugbears to raid human settlements. What is unnatural is bugbears and goblins working together to capture slaves for the dwarves. There is something bigger at play, though I do not think it is the necromacy of earlier.

The worste I have seen so far, though, was the corrupted Ent. No long a part of nature, it confessed needing not light nor water and hungered for the life-force that animates us all. It was a blight upon the land, poisoning the ground around it. It offered power, but power dark and twisted. It was a bitter moment to realise that the first Ent I would meet – ancient and powerful – was cursed to be outside the natural order. It was cleansed with fire.

We rest a few days, and then we return to the kobolds. There is something else down there, underground, that has caught our attention, and there is a ‘dragon’ to find. Though I wonder if it is a true dragon, and if it is, wether it is under the protection of the kobolds or being held as their slave? I shall bring this idea up with the group, though I do not know if they will take me seriously. They watched as I called on the anscestors to defeat our foes – they saw my tooth and claw be blessed for combat, and they saw the combined speed and srength of generations of warriors, and they saw the red rage, and the blood of my foes.

Though I fight for good, I wonder if my companions now see me as a monster?

This is one of many things I will meditate on.

Dark Trees Bare Strange Fruit

Continuing into the depths of the Dragon Cult Keep, the party faced the mighty Bugbear Hargak, a barbarian of brutal strength. He and his guards as well as the chief of the goblins were no match for the relentless tactics of our intrepid adventurers.

Deeper into the dark tunnels, the party climbed down a sinkhole covered in strange fungus. Upon reaching the bottom, the party discovered a fungus filled cave that led to a dark grove. Within this grove they found a tree, feeding on the captured villagers. As they approached, they were attacked by Earth Elementals. Quickly the party discovered that one of them was a spell caster. More and more elementals were summoned by their foe, eventually they cornered the caster and with his destruction the summoned beasts were banished.

This battle though victorious, was costly in resources and the party were badly wounded from the fight. Branzel did not recover, instead lay unconscious for a long time. It was during this that the party turned their attention to the dark tree. Four villagers were standing around the tree, staring blankly at it, swaying in an unseen breeze. The party saw that the roots of the tree had climbed up and were draining the life from the peasants. Viewing the tree magically showed runes all around it, and that the tree was also magical.Jondhal noted that nature here was awry. Experimentation on the roots of the tree and it awoke, revealing that it was in fact a perverted and evil Treant. It swore at them and bid them come to it, to feed it. It needed not sun and water, but blood. It was semi petrified and moved with the sound of creaking stone. The tree demanded being fed. The party sought to free the villagers and it attacked. The tree was powerful and dangerous. However the clever use of magic and fire bombs found earlier ended the creature, that which was still wood was vulnerable and weak. When Fenniros managed to use his natural elven dexterity to run up the tree and throw fire oil into the Ent’s mouth, the damage was devastating. As its core burned, the tree died. Finally the tree split open and revealed in its heart, a golden apple.

Nobody could remember the exact meaning of the apple, only vague legends that the apple brought bounty and health, and that the seeds were important too. But without more research, they could not be sure on how to proceed.

From this encounter, the party earned a strange new weapon, a crude stone Morningstar. The haft a rough-hewn branch bound in leather, the head an odd shaped piece of marble strapped on in the same leather, the spikes, shards of obsidian. It radiated Druidic power.

The encounters were brutal and damaging, the party tired and sore. They rested in the mushroom grove, detecting, on the edge of the darkness and evil, a hint of silver light, the distant roar of a dragon. Through the night, Jondahl ministered to the group, and in the morning his healing spells aided them. Bolstered by new health and victory, they marched on in search for the other prisoners.

Into the Sunless Citadel
Here there be Dragons. (very little ones)

After escaping the Gorkori Tunnels, the party traversed the mountain area and found a hill, broken and devoid of life. A well worn path led up to the top. Along the path were crude traps and signs that the hill was in fact sundered.
Atop the hill, the party found Bugbear guardians and strange pillars to an ancient religion, unknown to any, even the all knowing Fenniros. Descending into the dark depths of the crevasse that had sundered the mountain our brave heroes found a fortress that had fallen into the mountain after some great cataclysm. Fighting Skeletons the party discovered one of their first true magic treasures. 4 Magical arrows imbued with frost magic.


Descending further down the party discover the weeping form of Meepo. It seems that Meepo was the guardian and wrangler for his clan’s secret weapon, a White Dragon wyrmling, Calcryx. That was, until the goblins whom the kobolds are at war with stole it, now he lives in shame.
The party were quick to strike upon the idea of offering help to the Kobolds in exchange for help finding the captured townsfolk.
Meepo took the party to see Yusdrayl Queen of the Dragon Throne. Yusdrayl turned out to be a sorcerer queen of the kobolds, whose throne was made up of fallen pieces of the fortress.


This was one of many clues to learn that the fortress was in fact an ancient cult headquarters to a group of dragon worshipers who venerated an ancient red dragon called Ashardalon.
Yusdrayl was more than happy to let adventurers through her area and let them loose on her goblin foes. She hoped that with the fall of the goblins, she could take control over the upper layer of the fortress and gain the many profits from serving the Bugbears.
Upon heading into the Goblin area, the party started to bicker among itself, Fenniros’ snootery proving too much a jibe for Mercer, who had to prove a point and this in turn started an argument with Lottie. This argument drew the attention of goblins and bugbears and a battle ensued. A battle that was very nearly too costly for the party.
Retreating after, the party now rest and reflect upon their deeds, both successful and otherwise. Drawing on this experience to better themselves.

Party Leveled up to Level 3 based on Monster XP.

The Gorkori Tunnels
Duergar in the Dark

Delving into the deeper tunnels of the mountain. The party made a strange discovery at the bottom of a pit trap. This trap revealed that one of the women from the Caravan had escaped and was trying to flee back to help, unfortunately she was trapped during said escape.

Zarrah thought she was doomed until she saw the faint light of both hope and escape when the party stumbled onto the trap, revealing her. They soon rescued her and she decided to follow them in and rescue the others.

Because the party had to move around the sealed doors of the bugbears, now learning from Zarrah that the shaman of the bugbears has control over Earth Elementals, they were forced to explore the other tunnels.

Eventually they found a magnificent city buried under the mountain. Beautiful carved stone and strange black steel like glass.


Investigating noises in the city the party found a group of Duergar (dark dwarves) with an cave troll slave. Avoiding them, the party tried to decide what they would do next. It was then that a Duergar patrol, mounted on giant spiders, found them. The battle was quick and decisive, however it did attract the attention of the other duergar. The party fled, eventually finding their way into an ancient cathedral. Their, among treasures, the party found that they were in an ancient city, built by giant and powerful Elder Bugbear like race. Also known as the Gorkori.

Further investigations showed that the Duergar had fled. From there the party escaped out of the tunnels, realising that the Bugbears had moved right through the mountain and were headed elsewhere.

Following a night’s rest they headed out along the trail left by the bugbears. They came across a guard post, and there they fought the bugbears, Fen’s magic proving valuable and Johndal’s spear proving sharp, the bugbears were defeated. While the party talked down the bear used by these guards, Mercer and Branzel used sword and stealth to beat the rest of the guards.

To be continued.

Something more interesting than libraries.

He’s trying to get himself killed. That must be it. Mystra forgive me, Fen’s going to wake up with a knife in his kidney if he keeps looking down his nose at everyone. And we missed all the festivities in Dawnwind. Sure, Fen got to visit his precious library but did I get to join in on the festivities? No.
Also, note to self. Don’t leave Fen unattended, even whilst surrounded by books. He seems to have forgotten how to stay put.

I did manage to find the adventurers that everyone was talking about at the library. A rakasta, Jondall – a druid I think. Was talking about ancestral spirits. A half-gnome, Merser – bit of a smooth talker, and good with knives and with lifting purses (he managed to pinch Fen’s purse without either of us noticing, it was rather amusing). And a human, Bransel – farm boy turned fighter from the sound of it. He seems to favour the same ‘charge in head first and cleave them in two’ tactics that I do.

They’re a good lot. Apparently they lost friends in the adventure that all the library staff were talking about though, so they were all a bit demure. Two spellcasters, Mystra guide their souls on to their rest. But they let me and Fen join them, even when every other word out of Fen’s mouth was either an insult or complete condescension. I know it is my sacred duty to defend those mages that use their magic for good, but seriously Mystra, there’s only so much I can do. I know he means well under all that pomp and ego, but if you could just send even a touch of your wisdom down to him, that might serve to keep him safe should something happen to me.

Setting out to Denstone

Having survived, mostly, their first adventure, the party are wondering what to do next. It is at this point they are joined by Charlotte and Fenniros who are inquiring after their success. So too is a merchant named Aberdale.

Aberdale is a transporter and merchant of general goods who has been commissioned by a Lord Vargen to bring a quantity of books to the lord’s new estate. He hires the party to guard his caravan, as he has missed the main caravan and heard of their skill from the library.

The journey to Denstone had but one interruption, an attack by bandits who posed as wounded people to lure the unwary. The party were not easily fooled. Bolstered by the success of how quickly and efficiently the villains were dealt with, they marched on. The only issue being that Aberdale was irate that the delay in collecting the books also meant that he had missed the main trade caravan, and thus there was no good trade to be had on the journey. He tried to move fast, but even his enchanted wagon and horses could not catch up.

In the following days, the party came across another wounded soul. Remembering the bandits they approached with caution. Discovering that this was indeed one of two victims brutally slaughtered by strange beastmen. The party wanted to investigate, at very least bury the dead. Aberdale, already irate at the delays, refused and insisted the party move on.
Upon reaching Denstone, the party’s actions resulted in Aberdale paying them off and dismissing them without a polite word.

In the town of Denstone, the party found a warm bed and good company in the Copper Cooper Inn. It was there that trouble struck.

A youth by the name of Galen stumbled wounded into the inn, claiming that beast men had attacked his caravan, the road rising up to eat the horses. Ministering to his wounds the party were able to learn that beastial men had attacked, killed all resistance and stolen all the women and children.

The local sheriff, Dugan Tamery, informed the party that most suitable warriors were already conscripted to Lord Vargen’s new city, and there were not enough capable of forming an effective posse. He introduced the party to Mayor Hoften and they were engaged to find the missing people.

Upon reaching the attack site, they found more tracks similar to those near the earlier roadside attack. They also found evidence that the road had opened up and swallowed some of the horses.

Following tracks, Jondahl’s woodscraft coming to bear as most useful, the party tracked the pack to a small encampment where they faced Bugbears. Fenniros used his magic and the battle skills of the party were put to test. But they were successful. Within the encampment, the party found no trace of the large party, but a small pool at the back revealed a hidden entrance. An entrance to an ancient pass under the mountain left by an ancient race, as yet unknown to the party……..

An Adventure with Charlotte

i’ll never understand why this one was assigned to me, maybe it’s just our relationship, anyway she ran off to go see the town of dawnwind, some bodyguard huh, anyway she immediately went to the shittiest pub and started talking with the dumbest folk I’ve ever meet, as i was losing intelligence talking to these common folk a slightly more intelligent man walked in and asked these people to be his bodyguards hence the ‘slightly more intelligent’.

this group was going to be guarding some books and i’ll be dammed if i let knowledge escape this world so begrudgingly i joined them.

as we traveled, i secured the best seat in the cart, on top of some flour in the cart while all the other schmucks rode their horses and suddenly we’re being attacked and i’m trying to read, what a pain and they didn’t even tell me they handled it so i wasted a spell and reading time. well maybe they aren’t that dumb

from there we traveled for a few days and found that a couple of people had been killed, the giant fucking cat, i mean giant, found tracks of bugbears, nasty creatures, and our driver did not like stopping, i think i overestimated this mans intelligence that farm boy probably has more brains in his cock.

so we were dismissed thankfully and were hired to find the rest of the missing people and their wagons’ we found the wagons, they were utterly fucked so we moved on and the fucking cat turned into a wolf, oh did i mention he can’t even say Lich right, anyway that was weird to just suddenly happen but he tracked down the bugbears and we killed all 4 of them. as expected i dealt with 2 while the others handled the rest.

from there the farm boy and Charlotte smashed an arcane made stone wall and we entered the cavern, we also found a statue of an elder with stone glass it was quite remarkable, i must remember to return later to excavate this cavern, who know’s what secrets lie within, for now we are venturing forth to find the missing people. i really hope my mind survives these common folk.

Death in the Dark Temple

After taking time to rest, the party finally made their way to the bottom of the Tomb of Blood Everflowing. At the bottom they discovered a deep pool of blood had gathered near a temple to a dark god.
Looking in, they saw little until Mercer fell in and was attacked by undead skeletons. The rest of the party dived in and were able to stave them off long enough for Ellya to summon her divine power and drive them away.

In the next room the party were recovering from a literal blood bath when they were ambushed by a cultist of the church. This battle was decisive and the heroes banded around him and slew him.

In the next room they finally found the villain Veltargo. He was standing surrounded by the bloody skeletons once turned away by Ellya, now under his direct sway. Launching into attack teh party quickly dispatched some skeletons, when horror upon horror the blood drenched skeleton of an Owlbear lurched out of the blood pool under the dark god statue and attacked.

The skeletons, the Owlbear and Veltargo proved a mighty group to attack. Ellya was only able to push back the lesser skeletons again, the rest were forced to fight a powerful and lethal undead beast, blood pouring from its form. Eventually Kaju, Ellya and Gila all perished at the hands of their foe. Veltargo managed to escape, while the survivors retreated to regroup. Finally emerging to destroy the undead, retrieve the book, and the key.

The book, a necronomicon called the The Lexicon of Superior Mortus Animus proved to be a ritual text for the creation of powerful undead, such as LIchs, Vampires, Death Knights and Mummies. With the ritual pages removed.

The key was returned to its owner, now powerless.

the party could not celebrate their success, the loss of their compatriots proved too great a burden. Plus knowing that Veltargo was out there, did not help.

Investigations in Dawnwind
Journey to The Tomb of Blood Ever Flowing


After making their way through the house of the Green Dagger Thieves Guild, our heroes returned to the Hog & Hoe tavern for a much deserved rest. It was there they met Branzel, a young and keen warrior looking to become an ADVENTURER!

In the morning, seeing that there may have been a connection between the theft of the keys and the break in at the Dawnwind Library, they headed over to the library to see what was going on. Mercer tried to charm a lady, but she had little to say. However the party managed to find one soul willing to talk about the now closed library. Geraal Wistroan. Geraal informed the party that a book, of unknown origin, had been stolen from the secret collection. Apparently this tome, only described as being bound in blackwood and iron, had a lock that no sage, mage or tinkerer had ever been able to open. It’s exact origin and contents forever remained a secret. The only thing to be added was that a Cleric of Boccob had been seen fleeing the area with a book just before dawn.

The party had the idea that if this mysterious thief had outsourced the theft of the keys to one group, he may have outsourced other tasks. Learning that there is the Dawnwind Guild Academy of Mercenaries and Adventurers (GAMA) they went there to see if there was any recent hires that may lead them to a new task. They met with Zebbediah Oth Zebretha , a rather self important and snobbish guildsman who explained the purpose of the guild and dismissively informed the party that as non guild members, they were not entitled to his attention, let alone any information.


Knowing that it was a Cleric of Boccob that had interacted with the Green Daggers, the party headed over to the Church of Boccob in the Castle Ward of Dawnwind. There they met Altamaic the Calm. A young cleric who told the party that the Temple was all upset over the implication that the theft may have been a member of their order, he did not know the name Veltargo, however based on the description of the cleric provided by the mysterious head of the Green Daggers, he identified a man, Tall, lean, mean with a bald head and bad teeth who had robbed Altamaic of his cleric’s robes over a month ago. During the struggle, Altamaic had managed to steal a small stone amulet from his attacker. It was here that Kenju identified that it was a Cairnstone, used to ward off evil spirits. The amulet had been given to Altamaic’s master, he being a student of symbols and icons, so the party went to visit him.
Master Vellis the Puzzled a rather odd and somewhat befuddled Gnome told the party where they could find the cairn known as the Tomb of Blood Everflowing. So they had a good rest and prepared to set off the next day. The Excitement of a first and proper adventure stirred them all in the night.


The journey to the Cairn took half a day by foot, but the strange scribblings by Vellis led them to a slight bowl in the hilly terrain, at the bottom of which stood a barren cairn, two blood red pillars before an open hole.
Inside the party discovered ever flowing blood, hidden passages, undead guardians and lethal traps that struck the unwary. WIthin the cairn they discovered symbols not only to the original god to which it was dedicated, Wee Jas, the dark god of Death and Magic, defiled but also new symbols to a god depicted by a skull with a blood red halo.


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