The World of Kinin

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Log coming
The Campaign is coming.

Soon It begins. and Kyle can edit things wooooo

As will you all.
I will encourage you to make log posts to keep track of your adventures, post public info about your characters thoughts and ideas. As well as make group notes about what you have experienced.

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we kill all the things and level up :p – MC

Merser "Totally not named after Matt Merser" Shadowstring

The adventure approaches. We all must do as the Deities demand. Fortunately mine demands I adventure, pull pranks, stir still hearts and appease my curiosity. Why on Kinin do people ever worship Gods that make them sit around all day?

The Solstice approaches as I write this. Dawnwind is but days away. The roads have much traffic. Some of the people are fascinating. I spoke to a kindly old wizard after I ‘found’ his arcane focus. He even gave me a few silver for it. I had to laugh. With it I bought a warforged a tin of oil because he was squeaking way too much. We look after them far better in Gnolan. The fact he kept over extending his knee joint and falling over wasn’t really my fault. But I’ll take credit for the smiles on the kids faces after one particularly interesting splat.

My current project is trying to convince some kind of Rakasta shaman that I owe him a duck.

Midnight approaches I must be ready to try to make Brandobaris smile with my prayers. Yes I think I will go with the warforged story tonight. He will like that.

The Party Gathers.

The High Flame festival in Dawnwind, also known as the Grand Moot, is considered to be the greatest trade festival in all of Kinin. While the summer solstice is celebrated all across the land, at Dawnwind, the peoples all over the West gather their harvest and move to centres of trade to buy, sell, swap and barter what they have for what they need.

Far from their homes, our intrepid novice adventurers plunged into this miasma of sights and smells and engaged in the celebrations. It became quickly apparent that money is what makes this party happen, and having none, the celebrations were somewhat subdued.

Then mystery reared its head. A simple break in launched this group of common room neighbours onto their first paid adventure. The Merchant Locksmith Theldrat has had a prize family heirloom stolen, a Key presented to his grandfather by the Mayor of Dawnwind. When the local guard stated they were too busy investigating a theft at the Great Library the night before to worry about a set of missing keys, Theldrat hired the party to get it back.

This led to the tracking down of Irontusk, a thug for hire who lives down in Barge End, a lower nasty end of the city. The chase for Irontusk across the city of boats and barges proved a challenge unto itself, let alone the actual pursuit of their quarry. However, with some deft spell work, Irontusk was brought to heel.

Irontusk directed the party to those that hired him. Members of the Green Daggers, a small thieves guild operating in the area.

Finding the hidden base of the Green Daggers, the party snuck into the second floor and were engaged by some cunning halfling guards, before victory there led them to meeting the mysterious leader of the Green Daggers, an Elf Rogue Sorcerer who’s magic was no match for the power and skill of these young adventurers. From here the plot thickened.

The party learned that the thieves, recently struck by a blinding and weakness illness were approached by a Cleric of Boccob called Veltargo. Veltargo was described as a tall thin balding human with dark eyes. The Leader of the Daggers even made a rough sketch.

Now the party are wondering if a stolen book and a cleric of Arcane knowledge and some lock picking keys might all be connected……….

I got a tanglefoot bag. And mildly Stabbed

Heya Brandobaris. I’ve got some good stories for you tonight. So I needed a bit of money, you know how it is, so I wandered about and found some belligerent thugs. Ogre like in aspect. So I decided to, help things along, split them up. In doing so their purses fell into my hands. I was spotted and had to do a bit of a quick step. Some of the local guys helped me take a bath in a puddle of particularly wet and smelly horse shit. I would have laughed but felt I probably would get a good slapping if I did.

Not the highlight of my deeds but worth a laugh.

I was looking so dishevelled a Simbasta bought be a pie. Thought he was a nice buy but he was a bit happy to have some thieves sent to the guards with all the bothering of the hangman that entails in this city.

A Locksmith’s had been cleared out. I wanted a look, after all my mother made a tumbler or two in her time, but having angered the local Green Dagger thieves guild I decided just to watch accoss the street.

Not sure exactly what happened but two thieves ran away. I signalled my respect to them and they told me where some guy called Iron Tooth was. I then happened to overhear a rather odd group talking to the locksmith about a reward for a stolen key of some ceremonial significance.

Not bad pay. More importantly, stealing a key from a thief. Sounds like a fun little twist on a job or two I’ve done.

I managed to escort the Simbasta, a Sherkasta, an Argonian and an Elf to the area Iron Tooth was hiding. Yeah I know. Sounds like they should be walking into a bar in a joke. So I walked us into a bar.

We eventually found out where he was. I managed to sneak in the dark across a number of barges to just behind this huge half-orc. I managed to slide his blade out of its sheath. Then they stumbled my way and into the water.

A long chase ensued. A lot of we pussies by the end of it. The Argonian through some kind of strength sapping spell and we caught him.

A quick chat (and a tanglefoot bag in my pocket) later and we headed after the Green Daggers. I unlocked the front door. And the cats decided to climb up the wall. Nothing like sending the giant cat wizard to scout around. <sigh>

We got inside upstairs past another locked door. There was a room filled with drifting green silk. A very nice aesthetic although grey would suit my clothes a bit better. There were two halflings there, twins that liked to get a bit stabby. I blacked out for a bit and the elf magiced me back up.

We captured them and they told us about the sorcerer that leads them. So we went to talk to him. Turned out it was through a speaker tube we were supped to…… We had a chat. I tried to get one of the wizard types to make a loud noise through the horn. The Sherkasta instead roared through it then tore a door down. We rushed in and defeated the Sorcerer.

Turns out a cleric had paid them to steal the keys. There was a very coincidental disease this man had promised to cure in exchange. I don’t like people who would make men sick to use them. I’ll tell you how it turns out.

Arrival at Dawnwind

So this is the start of a new diary since the last one got stolen but that’s a story for another time.

so I arrived in Dawnwind mostly in tack but with nothing to my name and few coins I entered Dawnwind, a rather large city, I found that while city’s have their appeal I could not live in one it’s just too noisy but that could be the festival, anyway I ran into a Sherkasta called Jondahl who was chilling drinks for small coins, since it was hot and there was a long line I decided to help and got enough to pay for a room thankfully.

While chilling drinks there was an Argonian watching us; she looked quite interested in magic, since i wanted to go see a magic show the next day I invited her and found her name to be Gila a Sorcerer inherently it’s interesting how her magic comes innately to her. Her friend a cleric also came with, from there we went to the show which was interesting but was mostly sight of hand, unfortunately Jondahls and Gila’s daggers were stolen but we caught the guy and the guards even gave us some coin which was helpful so I was able to buy a backpack.

From there we went back to the inn to eat and found a nice pie vendor, there was this little guy, a half gnome; all covered in shit, the poor guy so I bought him a pie and helped him clean up after that I heard the sound of breaking glass, thinking I could help out by mending the piece I rushed over but it was only 2 guys stealing so I knocked them out.

Later the guards came and sorted it out, but we found that the thieves got there second and the first guy, a man called iron tusk took a set of keys that could unlock anything (it would be interesting to study the enchantment on those) so from there we went looking for iron tusk after the vendor offered us 100gp for it and right now I would like to get some more equipment.

So we found the guy, (I fell in the river a couple of times and found that I am not a fan of boats) and caught him in the end, and found that he pawned them off to an organisation called the green daggers, so we went after them and got ambushed by these 2 girls but we handled them although they were annoying and evasive.

So we went and took on the boss and the Half gnome and Jondahl cornered him behind his throne and Jondahl handled him pretty well until he surrendered, from there we found that he was basically blackmailed into stealing the keys and sold them off to get the health of his men back up, now we need to find this guy. Until next time.

Investigations in Dawnwind
Journey to The Tomb of Blood Ever Flowing


After making their way through the house of the Green Dagger Thieves Guild, our heroes returned to the Hog & Hoe tavern for a much deserved rest. It was there they met Branzel, a young and keen warrior looking to become an ADVENTURER!

In the morning, seeing that there may have been a connection between the theft of the keys and the break in at the Dawnwind Library, they headed over to the library to see what was going on. Mercer tried to charm a lady, but she had little to say. However the party managed to find one soul willing to talk about the now closed library. Geraal Wistroan. Geraal informed the party that a book, of unknown origin, had been stolen from the secret collection. Apparently this tome, only described as being bound in blackwood and iron, had a lock that no sage, mage or tinkerer had ever been able to open. It’s exact origin and contents forever remained a secret. The only thing to be added was that a Cleric of Boccob had been seen fleeing the area with a book just before dawn.

The party had the idea that if this mysterious thief had outsourced the theft of the keys to one group, he may have outsourced other tasks. Learning that there is the Dawnwind Guild Academy of Mercenaries and Adventurers (GAMA) they went there to see if there was any recent hires that may lead them to a new task. They met with Zebbediah Oth Zebretha , a rather self important and snobbish guildsman who explained the purpose of the guild and dismissively informed the party that as non guild members, they were not entitled to his attention, let alone any information.


Knowing that it was a Cleric of Boccob that had interacted with the Green Daggers, the party headed over to the Church of Boccob in the Castle Ward of Dawnwind. There they met Altamaic the Calm. A young cleric who told the party that the Temple was all upset over the implication that the theft may have been a member of their order, he did not know the name Veltargo, however based on the description of the cleric provided by the mysterious head of the Green Daggers, he identified a man, Tall, lean, mean with a bald head and bad teeth who had robbed Altamaic of his cleric’s robes over a month ago. During the struggle, Altamaic had managed to steal a small stone amulet from his attacker. It was here that Kenju identified that it was a Cairnstone, used to ward off evil spirits. The amulet had been given to Altamaic’s master, he being a student of symbols and icons, so the party went to visit him.
Master Vellis the Puzzled a rather odd and somewhat befuddled Gnome told the party where they could find the cairn known as the Tomb of Blood Everflowing. So they had a good rest and prepared to set off the next day. The Excitement of a first and proper adventure stirred them all in the night.


The journey to the Cairn took half a day by foot, but the strange scribblings by Vellis led them to a slight bowl in the hilly terrain, at the bottom of which stood a barren cairn, two blood red pillars before an open hole.
Inside the party discovered ever flowing blood, hidden passages, undead guardians and lethal traps that struck the unwary. WIthin the cairn they discovered symbols not only to the original god to which it was dedicated, Wee Jas, the dark god of Death and Magic, defiled but also new symbols to a god depicted by a skull with a blood red halo.

Death in the Dark Temple

After taking time to rest, the party finally made their way to the bottom of the Tomb of Blood Everflowing. At the bottom they discovered a deep pool of blood had gathered near a temple to a dark god.
Looking in, they saw little until Mercer fell in and was attacked by undead skeletons. The rest of the party dived in and were able to stave them off long enough for Ellya to summon her divine power and drive them away.

In the next room the party were recovering from a literal blood bath when they were ambushed by a cultist of the church. This battle was decisive and the heroes banded around him and slew him.

In the next room they finally found the villain Veltargo. He was standing surrounded by the bloody skeletons once turned away by Ellya, now under his direct sway. Launching into attack teh party quickly dispatched some skeletons, when horror upon horror the blood drenched skeleton of an Owlbear lurched out of the blood pool under the dark god statue and attacked.

The skeletons, the Owlbear and Veltargo proved a mighty group to attack. Ellya was only able to push back the lesser skeletons again, the rest were forced to fight a powerful and lethal undead beast, blood pouring from its form. Eventually Kaju, Ellya and Gila all perished at the hands of their foe. Veltargo managed to escape, while the survivors retreated to regroup. Finally emerging to destroy the undead, retrieve the book, and the key.

The book, a necronomicon called the The Lexicon of Superior Mortus Animus proved to be a ritual text for the creation of powerful undead, such as LIchs, Vampires, Death Knights and Mummies. With the ritual pages removed.

The key was returned to its owner, now powerless.

the party could not celebrate their success, the loss of their compatriots proved too great a burden. Plus knowing that Veltargo was out there, did not help.

An Adventure with Charlotte

i’ll never understand why this one was assigned to me, maybe it’s just our relationship, anyway she ran off to go see the town of dawnwind, some bodyguard huh, anyway she immediately went to the shittiest pub and started talking with the dumbest folk I’ve ever meet, as i was losing intelligence talking to these common folk a slightly more intelligent man walked in and asked these people to be his bodyguards hence the ‘slightly more intelligent’.

this group was going to be guarding some books and i’ll be dammed if i let knowledge escape this world so begrudgingly i joined them.

as we traveled, i secured the best seat in the cart, on top of some flour in the cart while all the other schmucks rode their horses and suddenly we’re being attacked and i’m trying to read, what a pain and they didn’t even tell me they handled it so i wasted a spell and reading time. well maybe they aren’t that dumb

from there we traveled for a few days and found that a couple of people had been killed, the giant fucking cat, i mean giant, found tracks of bugbears, nasty creatures, and our driver did not like stopping, i think i overestimated this mans intelligence that farm boy probably has more brains in his cock.

so we were dismissed thankfully and were hired to find the rest of the missing people and their wagons’ we found the wagons, they were utterly fucked so we moved on and the fucking cat turned into a wolf, oh did i mention he can’t even say Lich right, anyway that was weird to just suddenly happen but he tracked down the bugbears and we killed all 4 of them. as expected i dealt with 2 while the others handled the rest.

from there the farm boy and Charlotte smashed an arcane made stone wall and we entered the cavern, we also found a statue of an elder with stone glass it was quite remarkable, i must remember to return later to excavate this cavern, who know’s what secrets lie within, for now we are venturing forth to find the missing people. i really hope my mind survives these common folk.


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