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For those wishing to play a cultured variation of the lizard folk that does not have the level adjustment, there is the Argonian Lizard Folk.
Coming from an island, Argonia, off the south of Kinin, Argonian Lizard Folk have long been separated from their more primitive cousins. Argonians worship Bahomet and Paladine, and through their worship they have gained wisdom, peace and enlightenment. Argonians also revere Silvanus, for they seek to work with nature.
Argonians have a tenuous relationship with their neighbours the humans from Romulus and Argrisos, as both of these countries have raided Argonia for slaves. Many Argonian descendants are still slaves.

Physical Description


Argonians are reptilian humanoids that stand between five and a half feet and six and a half feet, with females being slightly slimmer and taller, and males stockier in build. Argonians are covered in a thick reptilian hide with scale patterns similar to crocs or gators. These hides are generally a grey or green shade, but can be white, yellow, black or dark red. Argonians are born without horns or claws, but upon becoming mature grow claws on their feet and fingers and horns on their head. These horns can appear on the eyebrows, on the side of the head, pointing sideways or back or as a mohawk like set on the head. Males can also get ones on their chin and jaw. These too come in a variety of colours, and in argonian society, are often tinted, carved or painted for decoration.


The Argonians come from Argnoia, a group of islands off the southern coast of Romulus. They also inhabit the jungles of the southern coast, however Romulus long ago conquered these lands and still lay claim to them all. This is where Romulus gets all its Argonian slaves from.


The Argonians are a very insular people. This is due to the nature of their homeland, but also because other races typically view them as little more than beasts. Their long history of being captured as slaves has made Argonians very distrustful of strangers, but when an Argonian has made a friend, they will fight to the death to defend that friend.
At home, argonians are very loyal to their family and prefer to trade and use diplomacy rather than conflict. Their society is based around clans and extended family. Every summer solstice there is the Great Sharing. In this, Argonians bring clutch eggs and swap them with other clans. Once this is done, the egg becomes a member of the new clan in all ways. This has created great diversity in the clans and kept the many and varied colours and horn patterns alive. Argonian children that are exchanged, are usually aware of it, but see this as normal and provided their parents treat them well, would consider no other person to be their parent.

The Argonians real name amongst themselves is Saxhleel in their native language called Jel. This apparently means ‘people of the root’ and given their close ties to the history of the region this is perhaps quite correct. Their language, Jel, is said to be a very difficult one for relating to the dialects and tongues of others. It is not only imprecise but it lacks components that emphasize tense, time, and relative distance. It is a language of thought that is far more indicative of emotion rather than physical dimensions. It is also something very difficult for humans in particular to replicate phonetically and sounds merely like chirps and clicks. Other signs of emotion and mood are based on far more bestial actions such as rattling quills and spikes to display irritation or exuding an odor. Perhaps as a saving grace, while the Argonian muzzles are said to be difficult to ‘change’ to express emotion, if one can understand some of the signs it’s somewhat easier to interprit. Argonians can ‘smile’ as it were but it takes the appearance of a snarl to an outsider. These small differences and critical gaps in linguistic similarities make external communication exceptionally difficult and further insulated the Argonians from the rest of the races. Interpreted as bestial creatures, humans found it easy to dismiss the Argonians and enslave them. This also makes accounts very different as there is said to be more pictographic representations of history rather than written word. It may be partially alleviated internally given the specifics of the religion that emphasize reincarnation with a modicum of past thought and experience, this likely means knowledge is far more intrinsic rather than explicit.


Argonians adventure for many reasons. While they are distrusting of other races, they do like to explore. There are a number of freed, escaped or liberated slaves that have been unable to return home, so have sought trade and life elsewhere. Argonians are generally well received by others. However the ignorant will simply lump them in with the barbaric lizard folk, or even mistake them for dragonborn.



Argonians speak draconic as a base language, though heavily accented.


Being still quite sibilant, argonians names still have that form. Reekaah, Assper, Vishaar, Beelo, Ssa’ass, Nithhriin and the like.

Argonian Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma. Argonians are quick to move, but are socially awkward around other races due to their isolation and social stigma.
  • Medium Humanoid (Reptillian). As medium creatures they have no modifiers based on size.
  • Base Land Speed is 30 Feet, Swim speed 20 Feet.
  • Underwater Breathing (Ex): Argonians are Amphibious
  • Poison Resistance. Argonians have +2 to save vs poisons.
  • Disease Resistance, Argonians gain a +4 to resist disease.
  • Natural Armour +2, argonian hide is tough.
  • Automatic Languages: Draconic, Common, Bonus Languages, Aquan, Elven, Goblin, Orc.
  • Favoured Class: Druid
  • Banned Class: Barbarian. Argonians do not have primitive tribes, that is what Lizard Folk are.

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