Dhag Boldor

Dhag Boldor is a small dwarven city on the eastern side of Spine of the World just south of Narhold.

Government: Monarchy, / Thanes and Thane Chief
Prime Race: Dwarves
Population: Approx 2000 in the hold, another 500 plus travellers in the Sky Market
Alignment: LG
Arcane Magic: Low (Higher in the Sky Market)
Divine Magic: Medium
Religion: Dwarven Pantheon
Racial Biases: Giants, Orcs, Goblinoids
Monarch: High Thane Walden Ironfist
Population: Medium
Enmities: Borgench
Allies: Narhold, Gnolin


Thane Chief Thorvo Ironpalm rules with a strict adherence to the ancient laws of dwarven kind. Many of his subjects enjoy this, but even some of these stoic and conservative dwarves think his doctrine is too strict.

Dhag Boldor has deep mines that pull iron, copper and jade out of the earth. They trade these items with the Eastern Planes and Gnolin. The trade relationship that has been forged has allowed the dwarves to create a unique breed of horse. Dwarven steppe horses are smaller than average, but powerfully built and fast. Treat as light war horse, but they are only 12 hands high.

The Sky Market

Outside the main hold, is the Sky Market. Originally the Dwarves created this trading post for the hold so the inhabitants did not have to tolerate outsiders coming into their home. Since it has become a town next to a town.


The Sky Market is, so called because you can see the sky, is built around a large circular bazaar made of two concentric rings of stone arcades with open roofs with an open tent market at the centre. This main market is wrapped in a stout defensive wall and outside that on 4 spoke roads are the rest of the town.

Sky Market has a large population of Dwarves, but also many Gnomes from nearby Gnolin and many of the passing traders come from the Northern Tribesmen.

A great deal of trade goods make it into Dhag Boldor, and the farming communities of Shield Dwarves that support the Hold also trade in the Sky Market. One trade item of note is the Dwarven Steppe Pony, a short robust and sure-footed beast bigger than a regular pony but smaller than most horses. The Dwarves of Dhag Boldor breed them as mounts and powerful work horses.

The Hoof and Boot Hotel

The Hoof and Boot is one of many drinking establishments in the Sky Market; it is also one of the first, making it the biggest and oldest. It stands two heavy stories high, made of stone cut from deep within Dhag Boldor and crafted in the finest dwarven tradition. It lies on the south side of the western road out of the market, that leads to Dwarfhold.

Through the years it has many owners. Originally the Hoof and Boot was built by dwarven proprietors, but currently it is in the hands of Gnicholas Gimbleburn, gnome and bard.
The most significant alteration he has made to the establishment is colour. When crafted from grey dwarven stone, it certainly called out for a lighter touch. However many might question the use of colour by Gimbleburn. In fact, the dwarves of Dhag Boldor have raised several petitions with the Chief Thane and more than one war party to attempt to rectify the use of colour.
No two walls in the tavern are the same colour, and more than one wall is more than one colour. Yet, no matter how vibrant or eclectic the choices are, to the non dwarven eye, they work some how. Given that the primary trade of the Hoof and Boot is to cater to the traveller (hence its name) this does not bother Gnick at all.

Banrabbin and Associates

Like the Boot and Hoof, there are many Gnomish businesses that trade in the Sky Market. One such place is Banrabbin and Associates. Gnomish Casters, Creators, Enchanters, Manufacturers, Repairs, Curse Removers, Researchers, Transporters and Archivers. or Banrabbin Assoc. GCCEMRCRRT and A for short.
This gnomish tower of arcane casters and researchers juts out of the plain on the eastern side of the Sky Market. There they go about the business of spellcasting and enchanting magical items for the many adventures and travellers that come this way.

Dhag Boldor