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As ancient and mysterious as the Land itself, the Elves of Kinin are beautiful and graceful. Their grace is alluring and their ways artistic and done with timeless precision. The elves on Kinin are tall and sylph, standing as tall as a human, but always slim and fluid. Their features are fine chiselled and very distinct, with long, steep-angled, almond shaped eyes, fine high tipped ears and narrow faces.
There are four distinct subraces of elf on Kinin, Sun, Moon, Wood, and Drow. Note, that there is also the term Dark Elf. A Dark Elf can either be a Drow, or an elf of the surface who has turned to ways of evil. To be labelled a Dark Elf is to be banished from elven society and considered dead.



Sun Elves

Sun elves are the most aristocratic and aloof members of their race. Long ago they moved away from the purely natural ways of their kin and build cities of beautiful stone. Marble, jade, sandstone and glass replaced wood and leaf. Science and Magical Technology replaced their simple lives. Great mages and philosophers the Sun elves seek a peaceful exploration of knowledge. But do not be fooled into thinking they are harmless. Sun elves make great war mages and were the first to perfect the art of the Blade Dance, a powerful mixing of the Martial and Magical Arts. (Eldritch Knight Prestige Class). The Sun Elves have small enclaves deep in forests around Kinin, but they come from a land known as Elvenhome in the south. The traditional home of all Elves, this wide forest land is filled with elven communities of all kinds, but has cities made by the Sun Elves.


Moon Elves

The most gregarious of the Elven people are the Moon Elves. They seek to explore and see the world and those that live in it. Most elves encountered away from their homelands are moon elves. While maintaining the elven affinity for magic, Moon elves are also great warriors, and the finest archers in the land. Their settlements can be caravans of a few or towns of many. They use their magic to weave and bend trees, folding them over to make great wooden homes. Groves are entwined to make large wooden structures, as well as ornate carpentry. There is some use of stone and other materials, but their prime resource is wood.


Wood Elves

Wood Elves are elves who live not only in the forests, but with it. Nomadic and tribal in nature, they never build structures more permanent than tents or the occasional wood hut for tribal elders to meet and live. Instead they prefer to simply sleep on the grass or in a tree, where the music of nature is their lullaby. Wood Elves hear music in the wind and see magic in the dawn. Somewhat shorter than the other elves, wild elves tend to have tanned skin and darker hair but are more muscled. They adorn their faces and bodies with tattoos and tend to wear clothes only of a utilitarian nature. Sun Elves might consider Wood Elves barbarians, but respect and envy their pure affinity with nature.
There are three places that are known as homes of the Wood Elves, Elvenhome, North Fey, and Turneline. There are also communities in every major forest, not that they are easy to find.


Drow Elf

The Drow are dark and mysterious, run by a matriarchal society that has a zealous adherence to the worship of dark gods such as Lolth, they are one of the great dangers of the Underdark.
On Kinin, they also inhabit surface caves and dark forests. These Drow worship Moon Goddesses and are far more benevolent and in tune with nature. However, their surface dwelling has led to them losing their spell resistance and their darkvision is limited to 60’. (no level adjustment)