The Gnomes of Kinin are a wondrous and industrious race. They are lovers of fine things, quality craftsmanship and good times. Gnomes have a passion for bright colours, and nothing captures their attention more than the bright colours of gems. If you want to make good relations with a gnome, start with a gem. The trick, is finding out which gem will catch their eye first.
Inquisitive and creative, they are inventors and manufactuerers. Some of the finest alchemists in all of Kinin are gnomes, but they can be found in almost every profession and craft.

In the land of Gnolin (the name is actually thirteen paragraphs long, this is the common name) the gnomes settled and made a kingdom for themselves. Many a time the other races of Kinin, human or otherwise have tried to settle this land, believing the gnomes are flighty and silly, thus easily swept aside. Nothing is more surprising than a Rock Gnome Paladin charging upon a heavily armoured step pony. Gnomes are fond of jokes, and the fun of experimentation. But gnomes are a noble race who care deeply for their families and many beautiful traditions. To cross a gnome is probably the most disastrous thing you can do. Where any other race might simply kill you, a soured gnome will turn the most fiendish cunning ever possessed by a living creature against you, make your life whole new type of hell, then in the most insidious way finally put you out of your misery and, much to your gratitude, take your life.

During the War of the Illithid the Gnomes used their tunnelcunning and creativity to build machines to help fight of the invaders. They were key in the creation process of the Warforged, and the ones that insisted that they be made intelligent and free willed. The gnomes were also the ones who sought to make them free after the war.

Rock Gnomes


Rock gnomes live in the more hilly regions of Kinin, and are also not uncommon in the lands of other races. Definitely stockier than their taller cousins, Rock Gnomes live in burrows and houses usually gathered in small towns or dug into the cliffs in a dwarf like stronghold. Master metalsmiths the Rock Gnomes trade in gems and metals for the more agrarian produce of their forest cousins. Rock gnomes have paler complexions but are still full of life and mirth. Their hair is straighter and tends to bald at the front fairly early, so pony tails are favoured, it tends to be either grey/white or black and dark brown. Any form of facial hair is rare.

Forest Gnomes


Forest gnomes are the leaf tenders of the Pebblefolk. Living often alongside the elves these gnomes make their homes in the trunks of large hollowed out trees, with secret entrances and carefully hidden tilled gardens in nearby glens. Where Tinkers are inventors, Forest Gnomes are farmers of all kinds of produce. Forest Gnomes are also fairly tall but have full heads of hair, usually in rich blonde and copper curls, this matches well with their ruddy and outdoor complexions. Full beards are rare, but a goatees or moustaches are not. Forest gnomes dress in the bright colours of the forest, taking dyes from all the flowers of spring, never ostentatious, and ever practical.

Deep Gnomes

Tunnel Gnomes live most up to the moniker of Pebblefolk. Smaller, grey in hair (if they have any at all) eye and skin the tunnel gnome rarely ventures above ground. Instead they live underground in mountains or at the back of Rock Gnome holds, mining for their precious rubies and other gems and riches that the earth will reveal. Tunnel gnomes are often found living alongside dwarves. As far as gnomes go Tunnel gnomes are relatively dour, but still quite amiable, they just like to be by themselves, and only talk to others when they have to.