History of Kinin

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Kinin is a throw away world of all other realms. Many a time in all the crystal spheres has there been a great conflagration that has brought a time of great upheaval. In these times the gods have spared their faithful, and preserved their power, by transporting those they deem worthy to another place of safety. This place is Kinin.

Born of the fires of the mountain falling on Ansalon, tempered by the Time of Troubles on Toril and then a melting pot for all gods of the spheres to preserve their power by preserving their followers. It is unknown who it was that first forged the huge world of Kinin, and even less is known how it is that all gods have access to this highly magical realm. But here all pantheons are present, in a constantly shifting storm of divine politics.
Kinin lies near as what could be considered the centre of the Prime Material Plane, it sits in a crystal sphere alone, orbiting a sun. There are many pathways to Kinin, but very few from it. The Ethereal and Astral planes bend and twist as they run around the Prime to get to Kinin, making outward navigation difficult. The only known reliable way in and out is on the rare Spelljammers that come to the great City of Spires.
Kinin has three moons, the moons of Ansalon, Red, Black and White. As on Ansalon, the vast magiks of the world flow from the moons, but not the whim of the gods, but as a weave as on Toril as if the moons spun a loom around the land. Ancient texts tell of the gods of magic, and some do pray to them, as are they revered by the three orders of wizards. However it is believed that the moons represent the three facets to magic, the Use of Benevolence (Good and the White Moon), the Use of Balance (Neutrality and the Red Moon) and the use of Power (Evil and the Black Moon) the coloured symbology of the wizards marking their allegiance to a facet of magic.
Built from the preservations of the many parent worlds, the four great continents of Kinin are a mix of all other realms. No other land is such a complex weave of divine politics, geography or peoples. Many of the gods from the other crystal spheres are here, the pantheons of Toril, Greyhawk, Ansalon, Rokugan and the ancient realms all share influence over the many peoples of Kinin. The governments range from Dictator to Democracy, Noble King to Despot, a great Council of Mages to a Religious State that lives in hatred of all mages and full government to none at all.
With all the variation and diversity brought here, it was often thought strange that the legends of the Underdark never proved to be true. It was long assumed that the darker races, often alien to the other crystal spheres, were not invited to the land of Kinin. Until the dark time.

The Illithid Invasion

Three Centuries ago there was an invasion. A fleet of Illithid Spelljammers landed on Kinin and immediately went about the domination of the continent. As soon as they landed they used powerful magic and psionics to cast a shadow across the sky. This shadow rested above Kinin and made the day like a blood red twilight and the night as black as the heart of a demon lord.
As the Illithids darkened the sky they also dug into the ground. There they found the hollow places in the land, hidden and waiting for them. Using legions of Umberhulks the Mind Flayers dug into the heart of the planet and set up deep dark towns and cities. So long did it take the surface dwellers to conquer the Illithid armies of Yuan Ti and Lizard men that it was too late. The deep places now belonged to the dark races of Kinin.
This war changed the relationships of the people and races of Kinin. The Mind Flayers did not disparage between who they enslaved and simply took any and every community they could control, master psionic dominators, led by God brains of indeterminable psionic power, gathered the people together and took away any and all free will. Everyone was turned to the purpose of stripping the land of its resources and building the great war machine that had already run down their own lives.
The people of the Eastern part of Kinin had to put aside their differences and unite in the taking back of their land. The people of the plains faced very little of the invaders, but the wisest of the Barbarian and Rakasta tribes saw that if the West fell, soon so would their land. In an effort to stave off the invasion they too stood alongside the people of the West and made their numbers count against the common enemy.
The people of the South have long held the East in contempt, despising their reliance on magic and hating them for their ways. They believed that their superior faith would allow them to defend themselves.
The great armies of Pallum led the charge, backed by the other humans, supported by Elven archers and Dwarven mechanical troops and engineers. On the plains and fields of the land they fought the massive armies of Lizard Men and Yuan Ti, the defenders were tortured as they fought thousands of mind controlled slaves of their own races. Mages from Arcana formed up and fought the great Psions of the enemy, magic fought the mind and will was pitted against will. Alongside the warriors stood the mighty Warforged, magically created beings who were both statue and alive. The whole time the clerics and priests of both sides pitted their faith against each other. The zealots of Kinin battled the fanatics of the reptiles.
The armies of the Illithids were unlike so many of the forces fought before in the great conflicts of history. The ultimate discipline of the mind flayers and their dominated servitors was unwavering. The relentless precision was enough to make the defenders seem chaotic and uncontrolled. The psionics were an unknown factor, and it was not until the one or two of the, until then secret, communities of psions came out and told the leaders of the defending armies what it was they were up against, and what was need to be done, that the defenders were able to counter attack.
Counter they did. Using superior numbers, bolstered by summoned creatures of every creed and kind the counter attack was launched. An army of summoned monsters, elementals celestials and demons was flung against the mind formed servants and dominants of the enemy.
Meanwhile a group of renowned adventurers managed to slip behind enemy lines and enter the great fortress of the invaders. There they faced untold horrors and found the base of the power of the mind flayers. A great Emperor God Mind. They slew this immeasurable intellect, shattering the sky shadow. The daylight was searing pain to the mind flayers, they lost their ability to face the enemy, forced to hide in their fortress their armies were overwhelmed. Soon the armies of Kinin descended upon the fortress and brought it to the ground, only to find the escape tunnels of the invaders leading deep into the ground. These tunnels were booby trapped and collapsed upon the pursuers, the invaders had escaped and are now trapped upon Kinin, even now plotting their revenge.

Over the many millennia of its existence Kinin has had many rulers conquerors that have tried to bring the whole land under their control, none have succeeded. Now the land has many countries, each led by those who are the strongest, or the wisest. For some the borders are finite and law, the others a vague suggestion that currency or language may have defined.

One thing is for sure, time has filled this many and highly varied land with a great deal of opportunity for adventure…..

History of Kinin