Magic of Kinin

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Magic is a vast and powerful force. The land of Kinin breathes it, probably a bit stronger than most worlds. But this is a breath hard to catch.

In most villages there is at least one magic using sorcerer or wizard, though rarely will they be over 5th level. (See DMG for average class levels of a town.) However magic items are still fairly rare in most areas. The cities still rely on the hard work of their citizens and are generally a place where magic is revered.
There are many orders of Wizards, but fundamentally there are the three Great Orders, the Red, The White and the Black. These are the mainstay of division in the wizard culture. Within these three orders there may be factions, remote schools, independent teachers and other philosophical orders. These orders have their own customs and rituals, and even restrictions and initiations for those who wish to join.
It is important to note that while Kinin is a place of great magic, magic is well guarded by those who keep it. Magic items and spells are not found on every market stall, though there is usually a shop supporting the magecraft within proximity of most sizeable markets.
Furthermore, no matter how often it is seen or used, the lay commoner still has no real grasp of magic, divine or arcane, and can find the whole thing too unnerving. To make matters worse for wizards there are Sorcerers. A wizard is someone who studies their magic, a mortal person who has dedicated themselves to a craft. A Sorcerer is something far more bizarre. Most commoners if they are wary of Wizards are downright petrified of Sorcerers.

The Dragonlance Setting offers a good system for the three orders of Wizards. A DM may decide to apply these rules, they are not printed here as the orders are deliberately left vague for the application of the DMs wishes.

When dealing with magic on Kinin the player and the DM need to remember that it is common, but still has a strong enigmatic presence that instils fear in most hearts. But so wild and strong is the breath of magic, that you should expect anything, and the wild lands, unseen since the days of creation and the ancient civilisations ruled the original lands, are a treacherous place of mystic happenings.

Magic of Kinin