Long ago the worshippers of Boccob built a remote library in the mountains to secure copies of their most important texts. This library was once vast and filled with ancient knowledge. During the Illithid Invasion it was destroyed. Those who survived took what they could and fled.
In the remote town of Wolfpine they built small church to the holy keeper of books and secret. This small church is all that remains of those that survived the Shadow War. It is currently kept by Father Yelpin who is both cleric and school master to the children of Wolfpine.


Father Yelpin


The church of Boccob is a simple pentagonal building with smooth white walls and a domed roof. It is well over two stories tall. Around it is a well-kept garden with flowers, herbs and vegetables. Out the back is a chicken coop.

Inside it is a single large room with the main entry doors facing a central dais that is illuminated by a crystal mounted in the pinnacle of domed ceiling. The lower floor is all pews and the temple, and is nearly two stories tall. The upper level is a pentagonal landing around the walls filled with books. There is a set of stairs opposite the main entrance and next to a door that leads out the back to the living quarters of the clerics. Father Yelpin is the master, he has two other clerics Trandis the Halfling and young Worth an acolyte. They all live in a small 4 bedroom single living area house out the back.

The Church


Second Floor


The Tome and Tankard

Built after the war, the Tome and Tankard was in part built by the clerics of Boccob when they came to town seeking refuge. For a while, it was where they stored their books. Now it is just a travellers inn and tavern. It is run by a Halfling Proprietor, Toddy Washer and his family. They have 2 human girls as waitresses, Nellie dark haired and skinny and Tilly red haired and plump.
Prices are fair, and the beds are excellent. The local ale is fruity but lacks a great deal of punch.

Jemmas Jamborie

This colourful general store trades all manner of goods for the town. The proprietor Jemma Tillian is an industrious Halfling who seeks to set up long trade routes and start a carting business, she has thusfar only been able to secure good trade for her store. Her prices are fair, however she does not have much beyond a few mundane weapons or items of interest to adventurers. She will trade in goods, coin or valuables. However she won’t buy treasure unless she knows she can sell it.