The World of Kinin

Against the Cult of the Reptile God (My Version)

Dark Temples in the Underdark.

This module was one of my own making using the title of the published module and that is all.

IN the Underdark the party meet Greta, a Deep Gnome Witch. She tells the party she can get them home if the party retrieve her stolen staff from a nearby Troglodyte Temple where it was taken to honour their god.

Anxious to find their way home out of the caverns below, they agree.

Soon the party find the Troglodyte temple and nearby village, on the shore of a massive underground lake. Stealthily they approach and then attack, the temple guards. Sneaking in they find a massive ancient temple dedicated to Set, the Evil god of Serpents and Deception. At the head of the main temple they find a female Yuan-ti pure blood cleric and her half blood guards.

They quickly defeat them and learn that there is much more to this temple. Searching nearby the party find a mirror in the cleric’s quarters. The reflections of themselves wave to them, without the player waving at it.

Keen to see what this means, Lightpeak follows the urging of his reflection and places his hand on the glass. He is instantly turned to stone.

Hiding Lightpeak away, the party continue to search the vast temple. Along the way they meet some prisoners, a Drow named Welverin DeVir and an Argonian named Okan-Maht Canidesh. These two assist the party and they find the main temple, there facing the “god” of the Troglodytes, a massive and powerful Yuan-ti Abomination Sorcerer with powerful mind control powers. At his side a Beholder Spectator. .

The powerful mind control of this “God Cleric” of Set quickly dominates half the party, forcing them to fight among themselves. However, they are able to use trickery and cunning to lure our the beast from his defensive position and defeat him.

Amongst his treasures are his powerful staff, his crown and his collection of books, one of which describes magic artefacts, including the mirror that has captured Lightpeak.

The party return to Greta who betrays them and leaves the party behind.

Welverin is able to guide the party out, as he wants to also leave the underdark, he leads them to Dhag Boldor and the party escape.



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