The World of Kinin

Downtime in Dhag Bolodr

The party, having successfully escaped the Underdark, spend a month resting and recuperating in the Dwarven Sky Market of Dhag Boldor.

Fenniros must atone for angering the God Set and then performs magical research.
Lightpeak turns to his trade of the manufacturing of magical Items.
Stone Disciple engages the services of a Dwarven Blacksmith to teach him how to repair himself.
Jondahl retreats to the woods to commune with nature and his ancestors. He devotes some treasures to them and they bless his bow.
Lottie spends time researching and relaxing, strengthening her powers in the service of Mystra

During their rest. Lottie and Lightpeak started receiving visions.

During the last couple of weeks of your stay in The Sky Market of Dhag Boldor, you have had a dream. More than once, but not every night.
The first time it was of a book, plain and brown with illegible golden glowing text. Text that bestows great knowledge. Nearby masked figures with knives.
Recently this dream has ended with a bloody knife, curved and deliberately jagged. You see a knight felled and the book aflame. The dream has always ended with a view of a city, perched on a steep hill, terraced up the hill in sandstone and timber buildings.



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