The World of Kinin


Sometimes Surviving is Winning

The party investigate some duergar slavers.

They are captured and delviered to a duergar slave city.

they escape, they lose Meepo in the process

This module was a highly modified version of “The Gates of Firestorm Peak” Using the map and the base duergar setting, removing all the Other plane influences.

The party find the Vast Gate, the remnants of a portal created by the Elder Elves. They find the gate is destroyed, now the remnants of a Red Dragon Dracolich lies in a pool of lava. The party meet Veltargo and his party. This time they are victorious in defeating him.

The party are given boons by the elder elf trapped in the guiding crystal. The party free her.

From there they enter the underdark.


  • Hypno toads
  • Deep Spawn
  • Goblins
Finally they meet Greta, a deep gnome witch and enter the Temple of the Reptile gods. (not the published module. See next entry)



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