The World of Kinin

The Book of Boccob

In search of the Divine Word

Following the dreams the party got on rest, they head south from Dhag Boldor in search of what the gods have in store for them.

Along the way they meet a shady group of mercenary adventurers who recommend a camp site. This camp site is attacked by two Manticores. The party are victorious.

the party come to Wolfpine, there they learn that recently a paladin went missing looking for an ancient tome that contains the true and accurate transcription between a cleric of Boccob and an avatar of the god. It contains much wisdom and the direct words as spoken by the divine.

As part of this the party met Ludmilla, a companion of the Paladin. She has joined them on their quest.

The party went in search of it and found stone giants.



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