Moon Elf Wizard


Fenniros is a bookish elf who prefers the company of a good book to common people, and he sees all others as common.


Fenniros Mortumal is a moon elf, he found himself rather smart while growing up and always found that he could recite knowledge better than all the other children, even those who had years on him, he spent most of his time with the elders and in the library trying to learn as much of the world as he could, at the young age of 50 he became interested in magic and started to read and learn about the power and beauty that magic holds.

when Fenniros was not studying he would be making bows in the way that is custom for his people and he was rather good at it, not quite as good as the masters but good nonetheless.

so at 80 years of age he decided that since his childhood was almost at an end he would venture forth to Arcarna and discover the secrets that the world has, it was there he joined the monastery of Mystra and found that all their ancient tomes on magic and lore were degraded due to improper storage and the occasional fire. it was here that he spent the next 20 years reading, rewriting and learning all while watching a young girl called Charlotte grow up. he watched he grow into a strong warrior devoted to Mystra, although she always had her rebellious streak.

it was when Fenniros was 100 that he decided it was time to dive deep into the world of magic carrying his spell book and the knowledge from his masters he is going to see the world and learn. as he set forth from Arcana, Charlotte came up to him and said that she had been tasked with protecting him during his travels. Fenniros thought this just since he had just rewritten their entire library and so they ventured forth into the unknown world, well it was only unknown to Charlotte.


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