Groups and Organisations of Kinin

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The Blood Cult of the Skull

A dark and secret cult of necromancers and evil clerics.

GAMA the Guild Academy of Mercenaries and Adventurers.

Adventurers Guilds.

The Knights of Pallum

The holy order of the Knights of Pallum

The Knights of the Silver Shield

An order of Knights devoted to defending the world from Lycanthropes

The Logist Arcane

The Logist Arcane use permanent Teleportation rings to move people and cargo around the world.

The Messengers Guild

The wandering Messengers that travel the land.

The Shadow Wolves

A group of werewolf bandits and thugs.

The Silver Paws

A group of hound riding Halfling Paladins who serve the needy.

The Wayfinders

An Adventurer’s guild for explorers and treasure hunters.

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Groups and Organisations of Kinin