Arlathiel Pass

North East of the border city of South Keep, the line between Pallum and Bringinhar, there is a low pass that makes for possible travel across the Spine of the World.
Travel is said to be possible, but not easy. The pass is thick with giants and other denizens of the mountains. There have been times when both humans and dwarves have tried to secure the pass, but no keep has ever lasted, if it ever is completed.
Some have been able to make it through by paying tithe to the giants, but many who have tried have simply met their doom.

The pass is an ancient road that leads from South Keep to a valley that follows the Kingerhelt River. There are no trade stops near either end, as they have often fallen prey to bandits or giants. However the Kingerhelt river has some towns along it.


Named after an Elven wanderer who first traversed it, Arlathiel pass carves its meandering way through the blue mists of the Spine of the World. Ancient dwarven ruins dot the hills and cloud covered peaks. At night, the fires of the GIant fortresses can be seen. All along the path are totems and shrines made from the bones of those who trespass the giant’s lands. But beyond that is the wondrous view of the lands either side of the pass. Pine and spruce cover the upper reaches, and among them ancient spirits play. In the lowland valley at the eastern end, there are said to be dark fey and wild beasts.

The land to the east of the Spine have no real rulers. Barbarian tribes, humanoid camps and untamed wilderness await those who make it through. If ever the pass could be tamed, a valuable trade route from east to west would be forged, linking the halves of Kinin and boosting trade. Many have tried, but commerce, but stealth and by force. Some have been successful for a time, but never for long.

Arlathiel Pass