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Government: Kingdom, with Baronies
Race: Halflings, Gnomes and some others.
Alignment: NG
Arcane Magic: Medium
Divine Magic: Medium
Capitol City: Stonedale
Religion: Halfling Pantheon, Little Man
Racial Biases: Goblinoids and Giants.
Monarchs: King Rognus Silvercrown
Population: Medium
Enmities: None
Allies: Pallum, Eltharia


Collanmere is the home of the Halfling Races on Kinin. It neighbors Pallum and Damokin.


Collanmere is a small out of the way country full of little rivers and hamlets, where the children of Little Man farm and mine and produce with industry. They are linked by a love of the good things in life. Good food, good wine, good friends and good food. The Halflings would seem easy pray to the more dominant races. However, the histories tell that while halflings rarely seek war, they are tenacious and relentlessly formidable in the defence of their homes.

Divided into small baronies, or shires, the kingdom is ruled over by a good king and queen. Taxes are low and people share what they can. Local administration falls to a baron or baroness and then town mayors, marshals or administrators.

The most famous crop to come out of Collanmere is tobacco. This fine leaf for smoking has made its way across the realms, but the best is grown in Collanmere. Added to this are a dazzling array of wines, ports, cherries and brandies. Halflings knowledge of grapes and the brews that come from them is unparalleled. Dwarves brew spirits, and Elven wine is exquisite, though rarely made from grape, but Halfling grape wine is the best.

Places of Interest



Stonedale is the capitol of Collanmere. Here Castle Fairhaven looks out from a grassy bluff over a sprawling Tudor style town. The defencive wall is a ring a mile out from the castle, but still only half way out of the city. The population long since overgrown its boundaries.
The City is a halfling city, built for halflings by halflings, and as such is not the easiest place for taller folk to get around in. There are some inns and restaurants that have “Big People” rooms, but most of the buildings do not. This has added to the difficulty of other races to invade.
Halflings are not underground dwellers like their gnome and dwarven neighbours, however they do like the comfort of a dug out house. Most of Stonedale is only one story high, with houses digging down in stead of up. In the hills around the city, rather than build up, they have built down, so what looks like a pock marked hill, is actually a bustling suburb.
Stonedale was named for the nearby quarry, and it was this quarry that meant that Stonedale was the first choice for the kingdom to build its capitol and castle.


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