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Government: Feudal Kings or Jarl
Prime Race: Humans
Alignment: CN
Arcane Magic: Low
Divine Magic: Medium
Capitol City: Ost
Religion: Norse Pantheon
Racial Biases: Minotoars, Giants and Trolls
Monarch: There are many Rulers.
Population: Low
Enmities: Thalzanmordar, Borgench
Allies: Nobody formally.



The Norsemen are just like those of Medieval Earth. These Viking people are of a proud and noble warrior race. They have great faith in their gods and often pray to their ancestors for guidance. In the eyes of the people of Feyr Pagh, all are equal until their performance on the battlefield has judged them. Not everyone is to be a warrior, but as long as you have courage, and do not fear battle, then you are seen as worthy of honour and friendship.
This is not to say warriors do not seek the glory of the battlefield. For many the right of adulthood is to survive a raid against the Beasts. Somewhere lost deep in the past of the races a deep and unforgettable wound was inflicted by the Minotaurs against the people of Feyr Pagh. They are great sailors and navigators so every year the men of the north sail to the lands of the Beasts and attack, looting and taking the heads of any they find.
Feyr Pagh is actually several small kingdoms each ruled by their own leader. Each kingdom has their own laws, however there are some laws that are common, for example the laws of hospitality, a person invited into a home is to be considered an honoured guest and the guest is to respect the rule of the owner of that home in all things at all times.




Two warriors will face each other to show respect. If they respect each other, they nod. It is an insult to either refuse to “Face” someone or to laugh at them during a Facing.