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Government: Monarchy
Prime Race: Dwarves
Alignment: NG
Arcane Magic: Low
Divine Magic: Medium
Capitol City: Narhold
Religion: Dwarven Pantheon
Racial Biases: Giants, Orcs, Goblinoids
Monarch: High Thane Walden Ironfist
Population: Medium
Enmities: Borgench
Allies: Pallum, Gnolin


Narhold is the second biggest dwarven settlement in all of Kinin. A large Iron Dwarf mountain citadel with a mountaintop town. At the base of the mountain is a large Shield Dwarf settlement, and together these clans rule the northern tip of the Spine of the world.

It is believed that beneath this keep are settlements of the Dark Dwarves and Coal Dwarves, but this is unconfirmed.

What is known is, that on the eastern slopes of this part of the mountains are clans of dwarven berzerkers, or Trollslayer Dwarves. These barbaric clans ride large mounts and go out in search of battle. The term trollslayer is not name given unjustly.


Atop the mountain is an open air town and market. This is where the dwarves of Narhold trade with the outside world. This marble and basalt town belies the depth and wealth of the city below. The Narhold is built in the caldera of an ancient volcano, and deep within its caverns the lava fuels their forges supplying materials and heat to make the wondrous forged items the hold is renown for.




The Brass Candle Tavern

A common tavern used by travelers to Narhold

Kragfeld Smithy

Kragfeld smithy is a massive smithy in the city that makes arms and armour.

Dhag Boldor

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