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Government: Tribes and Chiefs
Prime Race: Human, Barbarians
Alignment: CN
Arcane Magic: Low
Divine Magic: Medium
Capitol City: None, no centralised clan.
Religion: Faerun Pantheon
Racial Biases: Giants, Orcs, Goblinoids
Monarch: None
Population: Low
Enmities: Borgench, Thalzanmordar
Allies: None



The Northern tribal lands, also known as the Wild Lands, are a savage and untamed place. For thousands of years this land has been the first to be conquered by the marauding bands of humanoids from Borgench and Thalzanmordar. The people that have emerged from this are a mighty and proud warrior race. These barbarian tribes, who worship gods of nature and the elements and the spirits of their ancestors are among the strongest of the human kind. Any half orc or goliath would think twice about confronting a warrior from these tribes.

There is no country here, but the spaces between countries, filled with the beasts and men who call it home. North of Urik, east of Narhold, and surrounding North Guard into Pallum are all the Wild Lands.

In stead of a country, there are many tribes, mostly nomadic or at least semi permanent. These tribes tend to have leaders called chiefs or kings (or queens) and generally united around these leaders. Religion is highly significant and the tribes worship many gods, but it is the primary god they choose that often separates one clan from another. Also, animal totems play a significant cultural and religious role. For example the North Mountain Bear Tribe, worship Uthgar, but as Ancestor Bear, and value strength in their social hierarchy. They travel as bears, hunting and gathering. Whereas the River Trout People are farmers and fishermen in the river, and worship Eldath as the Water Queen and giver of life.


Some tribes are peaceful in nature, others are much more warlike. All are dangerous to cross. Many will trade with travelers, preferring treasure goods in stead of money, coins have little value in the wild, but a good knife, skillet or mirror might.

Magic among the tribes varies. Wizards are very rare, sorcerers are either seen as blessed or cursed by their magical ancestry. Hedge Mages, witches and shamans are far more common. Clerics are also more likely and are often revered as wise advisers to the rulers but more than others there are druids.

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