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Government: Church Council
Race: Humans
Alignment: LG
Arcane Magic: Medium
Divine Magic: High
Capitol City: Pallum Fortress
Religion: Helm, Heironous, Paladine, Torm, Pellor
Racial Biases: Goblinoids
Monarchs: High Council of the Knights of Pallum
Population: High
Enmities: Borgench
Allies: Damokin, North Guard, Bringinhar


Paragon of knightly virtue and guardians of the realms around them, Pallum is the home of civilisation on Kinin. Many argue that what the Church of Pallum and its Knights stand for is not for everyone, but the Knights of Pallum stand for the good and protection of all against the incursion of evil. There are times when good and evil are differing in interpretation, and the Knights have had questions about their zealous pursuit of imposing their point of view. However, the Knights are guided by the great deities of good and virtue, and in the service of those gods do a great deal to serve the people they guard with honour, dignity and courage.
Pallum is considered the home of humans in the Land of Kinin. The cities of Romulus and Remus would argue, but they argue with everything Pallum stands for.

Pallum is a place of dark pine forests and rich farm land. It is divided in two by the Westflow River. The main crossing of which is at Riverbend. Politically the area is also divided among a number of Duchies that are ruled by Dukes that serve on the Pallum High Council.

Back in the mists of time, the people of Pallum built towns, towns became cities, and then a nation was born. It was forged in unity by a group of knights from ages past. Since then, that group has grown into the oldest order of knights in any part of Kinin. For centuries the Knights of Pallum have guarded, governed and guided the people of their land. Steeped in tradition and closely bound to the churches they follow, the Knights are a bastion of honour, justice and valour. There has been times, most notably six centuries ago, when Pallum has had a king. Knights have been swayed by a leader and royal families have been founded. This royal line lasted for five hundred years until it became clear that the royal line had fallen to greed and started a path of conquest. The Knights dethroned the tyrant and swore to never let bloodline mean more than proven deed when deciding the leadership.

Pallum City

At its centre of the lands politics is Pallum Fortress. This massive Castle City is the largest of its type in the land and was named after the original head of the knights that united the land. Thick pale grey walls tower out of heavy bedrock to produce a defensible position never breached. Around Castle city is Pallum City. Eventually the population grew too big for the Fortress to accommodate its population, and so around the bluff on which the Fortress sits, another city was built. This too is guarded by massive walls with huge barbicans and a wide moat. The moat is fed by a river that has been diverted to split around the city, a defence strategy mirrored elsewhere. The moat is over 200 feet wide and deep enough to have full ships. It is spanned by two massive stone viaducts that break in the centre to have a drawbridge, that is both practical and defensive. Then against the wall, another defensive drawbridge. The only way to cross the river is to go through the city. The waterways have barges, but they are heavily taxed.

Aber Thon

Aber Thon is the Capitol of the Duchy of Dunador and is the biggest city in Pallum, and one of the largest in Kinin. Aber thon is really four cities.

  • There is Thon Fortress, a castle city,
  • There is Old city, that surrounds it.
  • New City which surrounds that
  • On the far side of the river is The Warrens.

Arlathiel Pass

Arlathiel Pass is a narrow pass, just east of South Keep, through the spine of the world. It leads to the lands of Gnolin and North Guard

The Eyrewood

Ebon Askavi

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