The Knights of Pallum

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The Order itself has three main Banners, or Orders as they are known, The Order of the Sword, this order is the broad military and responsible for the day to day military issues of the land. The Order of the Shield. This order is charged with the defence of the land. They have a second bastion far to the east that protects the civilised lands against orcish incursion. Whenever a land calls for military aid, it is the order of the shield that responds, usually with a battalion of Knights of the Sword to support them.
Last is the order of the Knights of the Rose. Paladins all, they are responsible for the religious guidance of the churches and police the land for heresy and evil.
It is the Grand Masters of these Orders that form the ruling High Council of Pallum. Whomever holds the reverent title of Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of the Rose, is by default the ruler of the land.
Supporting the High Council is the Holy Council. This is made up of all the High Clerics and Paladins of the churches of:

  • Heironous
  • Helm
  • Paladine
  • Pellor
  • The Silver Flame
  • St Cuthbert
  • Torm
  • Tyr

This group of churches are known as the Annulus of Light. They work together, when they can, to protect the innocent and rule with justice. Let it not be said that everything between these churches is always amicable, but they have formed this council.
In Pallum, the Holy Council is then supported by various other groups, most prominently the Hall of Guildmasters, which while not as powerful in status, controls all trade in the land and outnumbers the Holy Council three to one.
This three tiered system appears rigid and well defined from the outside. From within it is a political storm, so convoluted, that only the most determined and cunning last.

Noble Title Knight Title Notes
King Grand Master, Knights of the Rose Default Leader of the High Council
Duke Grand Master Grand Master of other Knight orders, Sword, Shield and Rod etc.
Prince Knight Lord Lord of a governing office. Taxes, Agriculture, Transport etc.
BaronBaron Lord of Several Towns
BaronetLord District Admin in a City
BaronetMagistrate Local Magistrate or Lord Mayor
Knight Lord Unlanded Lord

The Fourth Banner

There has been at times of need a fourth banner. This banner was the Knights of the Rod.
The Knights of the Rod dedicated themselves to the control and managing of Arcane Magic in the world. They saw themselves as responsible for policing the actions of magic users.
They have been often seen as brutal witch hunters, punishing any who use magic in ways of which they disapprove; and they disapprove of all magic that does not come from prayer.

The Knights of the Rod were disbanded as part or the Sword Staff Scroll. However recently, with the increase in activities by the so called Apostate Movement this order has risen again to control the actions of the Mages and in particular the High Arcane Council.

Other Orders, who do not have their own Banner, but would be in service under one of the other Banners include:

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The Knights of Pallum