The Knights of the Silver Shield

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Knights of the Silver Shield

The Knights of the Silver Shield are an order of knights in service of defending the world from Lycanthropes.
Silver Shields travel the world, usually in groups, seeking out any and all infestations of Lycanthropes and destroying them. The Silver Shields believe that Lycanthropy always leads to suffering and evil. They see the slaying of a werecreature as a service to the world and the creature.
The Knights of Pallum recognise the order, and accept them among their ranks, however the Silver Shield pre dates the creation of the Knights of Pallum. To this day, the order is one of the few that can recruit from outside the Knights of Pallum.



Knights of the Silver Shield are listed as one of three types. Knights Errant, Knights Militaire and Knights Seconded. Knights Errant travel freely and work either alone or in groups of knights, or even with other adventurers. Knights Militaire serve as actual military units working directly under the command of the Lord Martial and the Knights of Pallum. Knights Seconded are knights that serve in other Knights of Pallum forces or orders, while maintaining membership with the Silver Shield.
No matter their placement, Silver Shields must at all times defend the weak. This is especially true if they are under threat from Lycanthropes. The hunting of were creatures is the second tenant, deliberately so, as the Shields are defenders first.
If a knight is seconded or set in service with another group, they must first follow the orders they are given before breaking away to hunt their foe. Even if that is simply informing command of any discovered Lycanthropes.

Paladins and Warriors

Not all Knights are Paladins. Many are just warriors, with some even being Rangers and Clerics. This is also true of Knights of the Silver Shield. There are even some that, because of their need to infiltrate and spy, will have skill sets of rogues. Those that are Paladins, tend to serve Helm, Torm or Pellor.


The Knights of the Silver Shield are considered some of the most steadfast and efficient. This has often manifested in a single mindedness and brutality. A great many who come to serve the order come there because of tragedy at the hands of Lycans, and thus carry an inherent hatred of them. This coupled with the teachings that to slay a lycan, no matter what they may appear, is a good deed in defence of others means that many goodly folk have been summarily executed. Many of the Knights of the Silver Shield have even taken to hunting those who do not directly suffer from lycanthropy, but have it in their bloodline. Namely Shifter tribes and some animalistic humanoids.
Added to this is the knowledge that when hunting packs, Silver Shields will use all manner of tortures on captives to find the lairs and other pack members.


Knights of the Silver Shield are not always identifiable. However they do have a number of specific pieces of equipment that is recognisable. First and foremost, all armoured knights carry a silvered shield, usually with some kind of personal heraldry. The shield is harmful enough to Lycans.
Many Knights take this a level further and have silvered their armour. Of course all knights carry one or more silvered weapons.
Another special piece of equipment is a special potion that the Knights can consume that protects them from any chance of being infected by lycanthropy.

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The Knights of the Silver Shield