The Logist Arcane

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Across Kinin, in many of the major cities, you will find the sky blue towers of the Guild of the Logist Arcane. This group of wizards and sorcerers spend their time building and maintaining a network of teleportation circles to aid and boost the transportation of information and trade. For the wealthy, it is also a rapid means of transport.

Unlike the Messengers Guild, the Logist Arcane can only reach places that have a tower circle, so while they are quicker and more reliable than the Messengers, they are limited in their reach.


Within the halls of their tall towers guild artisans construct the special rods that the guild use to power their magic. The tower itself will generally hold two major circles and two minor circles. However the towers of Dawnwind and Pallum both hold six of each circle. A major circle is a trade circle, fifty feet across that can move several tonnes of equipment, a minor circle can teleport up to five people at once. Each circle is ether designated an arrival circle or a departure circle, and one cannot be used for the other.

Transportation Costs

Use of these circles is expensive, but is comparatively cost effective.

Item Cost
Single Person Solo 600Gp
Single Person Shared 200Gp
Single Person Bulk 100Gp
Group up to 6 200Gp each
Group up to 20 250Gp each
Cargo Solo 2500Gp
Cargo Bulk 1Gp per Pound
  • Solo means you get the transportation all to yourself.
  • Bulk means you share a large teleport with other people or cargo, and must wait for the scheduled transport to that location on that day.
  • Groups larger than 6 must use a greater circle, thus must pay more.

You are never charged for arrival, so it is possible to use the arrival circles as a guaranteed location for a personal teleport spell.

Known Destinations

Mages of the Guild Logist Arcane

The Mages of the guild are all members of not only this guild but the College of Conjurers & Summoners in Aracana. Thus they are all Robed Mages. They therefor wear the blue robes for the guild trimmed in either blue or white, depending on their wizard order. There are many clerics to gods of travel and transport that serve the guild as well, they too wear the blue robe of the guild, but with prominent display of their holy symbols embroidered on the tabard.

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The Logist Arcane