The Messengers Guild

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The Esteemed Guild of Longriders and Messagemen, commonly known as the Messenger’s Guild is an order of adventurers who dedicate themselves to the transport of messages, items, news and stories across the West of Kinin.


Established nearly five centuries ago, the Longriders were originally a group of military mounted messengers who served in a war at that time between the then Kingdom of Pallum and the Orcs of Borgench. These riders proved themselves not only superior in their dedication to service but also their horsemanship. The first Pallum Force Horses were bred to serve these courageous and vital messengers.

At the end of the war, when such a large military was not needed, the Masters of these soldiers petitioned the King to give them as part of their reward for war a stable of Force Horses and then set about the mercantile process of building a messenger service. Coming from Pallum was a boon, as Pallum was never fond of relying on arcane magic for transport and communication. Thus the locals had no access to cheap services. All transport had to be done on the schedule of the trade caravans, or hire expensive mercenaries or adventurers. The Messenger’s Guild proved not only to be reliable, but affordable. Very soon they became not only messengers around Pallum, but across the West. They were experienced warriors and soon seen as prestigious to use.

Their service to the crown was proven when they were key in negotiating a treaty between Damokin and Pallum over a conflict that nearly led to war. Their ability to be neutral was significant in allowing transport. The King bestowed upon them the title Esteemed. As this title was bestowed for honourable service, and did not mean royal allegiance, when the crown of Pallum fell, the title remained.

Besides their duties as messengers, the Guild has become renowned for its breading of horses, hippogriffs and griffons for the use as mounts. All of these beasts can be bought in domesticated form, either with or without magical enhancement.

The Longriders and Messengers are transporters of mail, news and small packages. They will transport anything that can fit in the saddle of their mount. However they also work as guides, scouts and escorts for larger services. Kings and nobles that wish to send important diplomatic messages through a neutral parties, use the Messengers, both for their reliability and the prestige.

Because of their value to traders, merchants and rulers, the a barer of the Messenger’s Guild insignia does not pay road or city entrance taxes. They are allowed to travel almost anywhere. As part of the guild charter, if a city wants to have a Messenger Guild outpost in their walls, then all Messengers are considered citizens of said city while they are within twenty five miles of it.

The current Guild Master is Dameon Oth Helgers, third generation guildsman and great grandnephew of Charmen Oth Frader, founder of the Messenger’s Guild.

There are many classes that are attracted to the Messenger’s Guild. Orginally they were Scouts and Fighters, even a Paladin or two. These days they are made up of fighters some scout style rogues and a great many bards. Other classes fill their ranks, but these three are primary.

See the Messenger Guilder Prestige Class

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The Messengers Guild