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Government: Feudal King
Prime Race: Halfelves
Alignment: NG
Arcane Magic: Medium
Divine Magic: Medium
Capitol City: Terandyl
Religion: Elven Pantheon, Some Human Gods
Racial Biases: None
Monarch: King Garellion Fel Abernanin
Population: Medium
Enmities: Agrisos and Romulus
Allies: Eltharia, Bringinhar, Pallum, Arcana, Damokin



Turneline is a strange wonder. Technically the northern reaches of Eltharia, it has become its own realm unto itself through migration of population and trade. Turneline is a country of the Elvenkin, or Half Elves. On Kinin, the term Half Elves is considered derogatory. It is used to mean half as good, or soiled breed. On Kinin Half Elves call themselves the human word Elvenkin.

Never accepted fully in either culture, Elvenkin gather together for mutual support. Eventually the city of Terandyl grew as the population continued to increase. Then the Elvenkin, started marrying other Elvenkin, and eventually they themselves became their own people.


The Elvenkin decided that they did not want to be part of the human world, for they lived too long to be trusted by men, and were always treated as lesser folk by the elves thus neither did they want to be a part of that world. So instead they set about creating their own world. Coming from both races, Elvenkin knew what humans wanted and what the elusive and reclusive elves would not give. Also they knew of the elven arts in magic and craft, and possessed some of the time to perfect such skills. Thus the first elected leader Abris Thel Ellamere set forth to trade with the human worlds. They sold the rare woods of the elven forests, the fine art, the coveted crafted materials. They built up strong trade relationships and started bringing in money, money that helped build a society and form a culture all their own. Word spread and Elvenkin came from all over to have a homeland. When the elves of Eltharia realised what was happening, they sent forth envoys to demand a tithe and to stop any idea of independence. Ellamere called out to his trade partner countries and asked for assistance. Because of the wealth or resources being shared, Pallum, Bringinhar and Damokin all responded that they would assist in the independence of Terandyl. War was brewing.


Then the Illithid Invasion came. The dark forces marched across the land and great battles were fought. Ellamere and his forces were killed. But many Elvenkin had learned of this new land, and after the war, they demanded that in return for their service, they would receive the land of Turneline as their own. Not wanting further conflict, Eltharia acquiesced.

There are three types of Elvenkin, Human Male, Human Female and Pure Elvenkin. Within Turneline, no difference is seen. In Eltharia, they are treated differently, depending on who you are dealing with. Humans don’t care about such details and consider all Elvenkin half elves. The abundance of Elvenkin has then led to those who then sire children with either Elves or Humans. These tend to look more like their non Elvenkin parent, but still are Elvenkin. You must be 5 generations away from Elvenkin to be considered one of the parent races.

Turneline is a direct mix of the heritage cultures. Elvenkin will adopt whichever aspects of either elven or human culture they so choose. In the city of Terandyl the architecture is a strange mix of both. The city is built up like a human city would be, but is decorated as an elven one would be.


Weapons, art, culture and magic are a blend of the two. Travelling to Turneline is always an interesting and exciting adventure. While the Elvenkin are careful to keep outsiders from staying too long in their lands, they are far more welcoming than their southern cousins. Anyone may visit there for trade, business or adventure. But few without elven blood are allowed to take up residence.

Places of Interest

The Sanctum of the Silent Word


In the north of Turneline, nestled against a mountain range, is a monastery. Founded some four hundred years ago by a monk whose origin is clouded in mystery and rumour, most common tale is that the identity of this monk is kept secret because he is actually a hero who was sent back in time and as yet has not yet realised his potential. The school has become renown for its teachings in the oriental martial arts. Its philosophy is such that it meets the nature of the Earth Elves very well. If you stop talking you can hear everything going on around you, and with that knowledge you can be a better person. To this end all students who study at the school take a vow of silence while within the school, and tend to be very quiet people outside the grounds, some even never speak again.


The school itself is a walled compound 100 yards square. Within the walls are many gardens, half are for the growing of food, the rest are for contemplation. Scattered around these gardens are the buildings of the school. They are made in the style of Kara Tur but were built by the founding monks first apprentice, an elf called Te Lung Fu, Son of the Dragon Way, so they have a definite elven way about them. Each building is linked by gravel footpaths, which any initiate must be able to traverse in absolute silence before they are accepted for training. Te Lung Fu is now venerable, but still teaches the pure school of thought that he was taught by his master the founder of the school.

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